Author: Susan Pearson

  • When Everything Collides

    When Everything Collides

    2023 has been a difficult year. I’m not sure how much of it can be put down to Fibromyalgia either. If I’m honest I don’t know if there will be anything in this post to help or inspire you. But as you are kind enough to read my posts I thought it was probably time…

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  • Are greetings cards dying in the UK?

    Are greetings cards dying in the UK?

    For probably thirty years or more I have been a cardmaker. Some of my earliest blog posts were sharing my cardmaking. It is interesting looking back at my earlier makes. I was particularly happy with the mashup I shared in that post. I think my creativity comes in bursts. That is why I have more…

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  • Dealing with loss

    Dealing with loss

    So, it has been a while since my last update, in a very fortunate fall when I talked about both of my parents landing in hospital. A week after this, two events happened on the same day. My Mum who seemed by far the most ill, was well enough to be discharged. A few hours…

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  • A very fortunate fall

    A very fortunate fall

    Anyone with parents of advanced age knows that it can be a bumpy ride. This week we had a very turbulent time, it all began with a fall, which I am actually grateful for. On Tuesday night I got a call from my brother who lives with my parents to say my Dad had fallen,…

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  • What if the King had Fibromyalgia? Truly Unthinkable

    What if the King had Fibromyalgia? Truly Unthinkable

    I look at some of the the Truly unthinkable issues that could arise if the King had Fibromyalgia, and one positive.

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  • Fibromyalgia and Autism

    Fibromyalgia and Autism

    Well I have just had something of a surprise to discover it is eight months since I last wrote anything here. Even worse is that I don’t know how that happened. Yes, I have Fibromyalgia and I lose anything from the odd hour to a week at a time when nothing happens. But between that,…

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  • Spoonie winter blues – 4 Ways to crush them

    Spoonie winter blues – 4 Ways to crush them

    Spoonie Winter blues can be a tough time for Spoonies – here are 4 simple strategies that will help make this season happier and more liveable.

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  • Adaptable Working When you have Fibromyalgia

    Adaptable Working When you have Fibromyalgia

    Working when you have Fibromyalgia is important. One important lessons I can teach you from my experience is to broaden your concept of work.

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  • Exciting Visit to Crafting Live at Doncaster

    Exciting Visit to Crafting Live at Doncaster

    I was so thrilled to be able to visit Crafting Live at Doncaster in July 2016. Even more so because this was the first full-scale craft exhibition I have been to. Of course, I did mean to go and have a look around and enjoy the atmosphere rather than spending too much, however, I quickly…

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  • Recovering from busywork

    Recovering from busywork

    One of the things I talk about regularly is pacing yourself and this is something I try very hard to do. Sometimes though there are things you have to do and allow yourself the time afterwards to recover. This is one of those times. As you may be aware I have moved this content from…

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  • Things are Looking Bare

    Things are Looking Bare

    So we took our decorations down yesterday. I have noticed when watching American Vlogs that they often take them down the day after Christmas (Boxing Day here in the UK) and if not then certainly before New Year’s Eve. I was most astonished to hear someone say that they used to take it down on…

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  • A New Year Same Old Fibromyalgia

    A New Year Same Old Fibromyalgia

    New Year Same Old Fibromyalgia is the focus of my thoughts and pretty much every year I face the same battle.

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  • A week of Pfizer

    A week of Pfizer

    So, last Sunday I had my CoVid booster jab, this is a good thing, I have seen up close what CoVid can do to somebody. But I am also aware that when it comes to side effects I get my fair share. On the blog, I talked about my experience with my first Astra Zeneca…

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  • CoVid Vaccine Astounding spoonie experience

    CoVid Vaccine Astounding spoonie experience

    Has your Covid Vaccine caused a fibromyalgia flare-up? This is my experience

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  • Are Fibromyalgia Symptoms Consistent?

    Are Fibromyalgia Symptoms Consistent?

    A question that seems to get regularly asked is” Are Fibromyalgia symptoms consistent?” Unfortunately, as is usually the case with Fibro, the answer is not a simple one. Here are some of my thoughts. What is Fibromyalgia? If you are new here and you are only just discovering the Syndrome I recommend you first check…

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  • Here come the side effects

    Here come the side effects

    I’m sorry I didn’t have an update for you yesterday. I basically came through to my desk and started looking through my emails, then less than 30 minutes in had to give up and go back to bed. This was pretty much a mixture of fatigue and that flu-like feeling unwell, they mention in the…

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  • First Covid19 Jab done

    First Covid19 Jab done

    On a conscious level, I was not worried about today at all, not from the perspective of actually getting the vaccination. As always I had a slight apprehension about going somewhere new and hoping my Fibromyalgia would be behaving as it was something I had to do and couldn’t just rearrange, like the currently non-existent…

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  • At odds with my Sinuses

    At odds with my Sinuses

    I have talked about Sinus problems alongside Fibromyalgia before. It seems to be one of those symptoms that are common in people with this condition but not a given. Much like about two-thirds of the symptoms that each of us deals with. When mine plays up it can be really frustrating because I can blow…

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  • Treating pain with Essential Oils

    Treating pain with Essential Oils

    As far back as my teenage years, I have simmered fragrance oils over candles and used incense sticks. But it was only when I began to experience Fibromyalgia symptoms that I discovered the difference between oils and essential oils. My journey with essential oils ultimately arrived at the conclusion that I could use them to…

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  • The power of recovery time

    The power of recovery time

    If you live with a condition like Fibromyalgia you may well have three types of day. The worst ones when you have a symptom flare-up. The best ones where your symptoms are as insignificant as they ever are. Finally, in-between days. My early days of Fibro When I was first learning to live with Fibromyalgia…

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  • A Delay Can Save the Day

    A Delay Can Save the Day

    If you have read my blog for a while you will know I am a bit of a productivity nerd and there are times when I completely bring my A-game. But there are other times, like now when I am a long way away from this. It is true that I could push through and…

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