Hey, There!
I’m Susan.

Thank you for visiting my little part of cyberspace. As you’ve probably guessed from the title I am the proud owner of Fibromyalgia, and I’m trying to do everything I can to make sure I own it and don’t let it own me.

I’m a keen crafter and I’ve been making my own greetings cards for over a decade. I have to admit I’d consider myself a failure if I had to buy one! I have written blog posts about how I have adapted my crafting because of the Fibro.

A photo of me in front of Christmas Lights

My Mission

“I am here to show you how you can not just survive but thrive when living with Fibromyalgia. “

Fibro may eat away at my body
but I refuse to give it my mind!

A decorative image of trees in winter
A photo of Susan Pearson wearing a hair wrap
Decorative winter image of a tree
A photo of my husband Michael

Being Productive

I’m a bit of an organisation freak and absolutely love finding new productivity hacks, whether this is new digital tools or just better ways of doing things.


This is another passion of mine. Is it wrong that I know more about many of my deceased relatives than many of the living ones?


I married Michael in 2015, he is incredibly supportive and probably knows as much about Fibro as I do. In 2019 we rented our house in a lovely village.

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