I would like to wish all my American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have seen so many beautiful blog posts over the last couple of weeks, as I do every year of your preparations. My first real “experience” of Thanksgiving came when I watched Miracle on 34th Street. The Parade and the special meal and the general sense of let’s begin our preparations for Christmas. It gave me a warm glow, that’s for sure. I know for my fellow spoonies even the happiest times of the year can require hard work so remember to delegate. It may be worth your while checking out my post How emotions impact Fibromyalgia!

Harvest Festival Comparison

The closest thing to Thanksgiving we have in the UK is the Harvest Festival. This celebration takes place in September and dates far back to ancient Pagan Rituals. It is still celebrated in Churches and some, if not all, schools.

The Harvest Festival concentrates upon giving thanks for the safe harvest. People still bring Fresh Produce and Bread to decorate the Church. Many Parishes now focus on Charity and collect food for homeless or refugees.

This feast day is an important tradition that I wouldn’t want to see fading out. But, it seems to pass by without notice for a large part of society. In contrast, Halloween came from traditions held in England. It grew and became established in the USA. But has now filtered back to the UK and become popular here.

Would a little Thanksgiving hurt?

Although, as said, Thanksgiving does stem from the Harvest Festival in secular terms. I can see there could be a place for both in British Culture. Here are some of my reasons why:

• Thanksgiving would give everyone of any faith a chance to stop and be grateful for family or friends.
• People prepare for Christmas earlier every year. It feels wrong before Remembrance, so having Thanksgiving to start the festival season would stop that.
• According to this report, England is one of the countries with the fewest public holidays in Europe, so I’m sure we could accommodate another!

Food for thought

I have no real expectation of anything changing, but you never know if anyone of any influence sees this blog post, who knows? Do you love the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving here in the UK? Make sure you share this post across social media.

Once again wishing everyone who celebrates it a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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