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Something amazing has been happening this week. We have been getting some decent sleep thanks to Bedtime Bliss and their Sleep Mask. I was contacted last week to see if I would like to try one of these masks and of course, I jumped at the opportunity.

When you have Fibro you will try anything that might help. I have to declare at this point that I was sent the mask free of charge for my honest opinion, I do not manufacture anything personally but if I did I would only give them away free of charge for an opinion if I was very confident that opinion would be good and Bedtime Bliss have been similarly smart because my opinion is that it is amazing! Let me tell you about our experiences.

First Impressions of the Mask

The first thing I noticed about the mask was how comfortable it was to wear. As you may have seen in a recent post Softly Does It what I wear is really important these days. I can’t cope with anything rough or harsh against me and because of the contoured design of this Eye Mask, it actually sits away from your face slightly so there is zero pressure. I can honestly say once I shut my eyes to settle to sleep I forgot it was there at all!

Bedtime Routines

I like to have fairy lights on around the bed and burn Tealight Candles, obviously, the candles burn out during the night but the fairy lights remain on (they are the battery type) a benefit of this mask is that I can enjoy seeing the pretty lights whilst I am relaxing but they are completely blocked out when I settle to sleep, but still on in case I need to get  up in the night.

Bedtime Bliss for Susan

The Next Morning

The first thing to be said was that I got some serious sleep, I would go as far as saying I actually had some restorative sleep. I can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling like that. If every night’s sleep could be like that it would be amazing.

The ongoing experience of Bedtime Bliss

Unfortunately, the next night wasn’t like that but it was still considerably better than any night without the mask. There is something about making a change I think. The last time my medication was adjusted I had one amazing night in a similar way… So I am not going to tell you the mask is going to revolutionise things to the point of giving me complete restorative sleep as if I didn’t have Fibro BUT it really does improve things. When I have disturbed sleep and wake up the mask prevents me from looking around and seeing things which cause my brain to start ticking… you know how insomnia goes I’m sure. Now when I wake up everything is dark so I shut my eyes again and gradually drop off again. When I have disturbed sleep and wake up the mask prevents me from looking around and seeing things which cause my brain to start ticking… you know how insomnia goes I’m sure. Now when I wake up everything is dark so I shut my eyes again and gradually drop off again. A couple of Fibro complications I have had with the mask include the night I tossed and turned and wriggled so much that the mask came off! Waking up a couple of times and the mask was soaking wet due to  Fibro Night Sweats, attractive I know! If you are just needing to improve your sleep quality rather than deal with Fibro you can no doubt forget about these complications though.

Looking after the Sleep Mask

Given the fact I have just embarrassed myself with my sweating stories it would be a good time to point out that all you need to do to look after the mask is to handwash it in cool water and leave it on a towel to dry, simple really. It also comes with a little carry bag so if you are considering getting one for travel purposes this is ideal.

Michael’s Daytime Naps

It is fair to say that Michael wanted to get in on the act and try it out too. As I use it at night though he has been left with the daytime nap slot to test it out. That is not a problem though because his nighttime sleep is really bad at the moment due to his shoulder impingement. He struggles to get comfortable and spread out with me in the bed and often gets little sleep at night. Before the mask arrived he really struggled to sleep in the daytime too because the room was so light even with the curtains closed. I think he must have thin eyelids. When I need to sleep in the day I don’t usually have issues!  So what did he make of the Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask?

Michael asleep

Bedtime Bliss has been Restored for Michael

I’ll be honest, with his “thin eyelids” I had a lower expectation of Michael’s satisfaction with the Mask but I was completely mistaken. He was genuinely really pleased with it. Once he had come around properly he commented on how unobtrusive it is and said that with his eyes open it blocked out about 97% of the light (there is just a tiny rim around his nose) but when he shuts his eyes it totally blocks all the light.  When he first woke up he staggered through to the room I was in and asked what time it was and looked totally bewildered by how long he had been asleep – at that moment I really wished I was a Vlogger as well as a Blogger it was priceless!

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Living Creatively with Fibro | Order Confirmation

Another One Please

Well, I guess our opinion is backed up by the fact we are going to put our money where our mouth is. Let’s be honest we can’t continue sleeping in shifts and so we need one each. You can get them in the UK on Amazon and even better they come in other colours:    I just need to choose between pink and purple now (30 minutes later edit I have chosen purple), you never know another night in another new mask may give me one of those magic nights again like the first night in the mask we were sent.

If you have problems sleeping when it is not dark enough or you have a busy distracting room with various electronic lights I would genuinely recommend giving the Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask a go let’s be honest it is less than £10. Put that in perspective I bet you would pay more for a good nights sleep!

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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