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What is Fibromyalgia? Who are Spoonies

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Living Creatively with Fibro | Fibro or Faker?

Fibro or Faker signs to look for

ByBySusan Pearson11 Nov 20176 min read

Recently I read this wonderfully sarcastic post by Shelley entitled 5 Tips for Faking Chronic Illness, a fellow blogger from the Fibro…

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Preparing to move house title image with a photo of the front of a house.

Preparing to Move House

ByBySusan Pearson5 Sep 20193 min read

If you read my last post, Village life beckons us, you know that we are preparing to move house. Technically,…

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Headspace for Fibro Warriors

ByBySusan Pearson30 Jul 2020
An image of a woman sitting looking out over a beautiful sunset with the Headspace Logo
I used to be a bit sceptical if I'm honest, but as a spoonie I have begun a journey into mindfulness using Headspace to help manage my Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia and Changeable Weather

ByBySusan Pearson2 Jul 2020
An image of a sunny day blended into an image of a snowy day
Talking about the weather is a very British thing to do! When you live with Fibromyalgia the weather changes have a big impact!

A pandemic Way of life

ByBySusan Pearson30 Apr 2020
An image showing doorways into different worlds and the title A pandemic way of life
It's a month since my last post, I have been through a range of emotions during this pandemic. Here is my experience as a spoonie during lockdown.

A British Spoonie in the Time of Covid19

ByBySusan Pearson26 Mar 2020
An image of a doctor in a hospital with a facemask and the title of the blog post
Living in Britain as a Spoonie during the Covid19 Crisis. Thoughts about the NHS, the Government and lack of a great orator and a message to employers.

Fibromyalgia and Exercise

ByBySusan Pearson5 Mar 2020
Fibromyalgia and Exercise Header title with a photo of me out walking
Fibromyalgia and Exercise is the topic of today's blog post. Are you able to exercise and if so can you always do this? Read about my experience.

Spoonie Birthday Celebrations

ByBySusan Pearson20 Feb 2020
An image of the ice cream service I had for my birthday with the title Spoonie Birthday Celebrations
Spoonie Birthday Celebrations are much like anyone else's, except that they aren't. One day is not enough time to enjoy all the usual things, we need a week.