It is fair to say that I am not a fashionista! I have had my moments of wearing elaborate clothing but most of these have been on stage or in more recent years my wedding dress. In general, I have usually been the type of person who puts practicality first. If I find something I like and it fits and doesn’t look too bad I will buy it in a few colours, job done! Although, if I’m honest I have probably mentally been creating my dream “if I lose weight wardrobe” which I take far more pride in.

What I wear most days

Since I have had Fibromyalgia though there has been a big change in what I do wear but also what I can wear. In my post a few weeks ago I told you that I asked work to dismiss me,  this is still being dealt with so I am on sick leave or I guess gardening leave until all the red tape has been dealt with. It is a strange transition period because I am still gradually recovering from my triple flare up I had a couple of months ago but I am having a few good hours when I begin to see what life will be like going forward (writing the blog for a start!) In these good windows I very much mentally put myself in work mode. However, I am pretty much-wearing pyjamas. My standard day wear, unless I have to go out for a medical appointment or to visit a shop (to get me out of the house) is pyjama bottoms and a T-shirt. As the weather is becoming cooler I guess I maybe adding a jumper to the outfit. Part of the reason for this is yes because I can! Whenever anyone talks about working from home they often mention being able to work in pyjamas, so there is something nice about it. Although I’ll be honest sometimes I would like to wear something else even if no one is going to see me if in the coming months I add in YouTube videos as I am planning I guess that will change 🙂

Why I’m stuck in Pyjamas

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome is made up of a selection of different symptoms for different people if you want to find out more about Fibromyalgia take a look at this post about some of the symptoms, or maybe this one from my husbands perspective of living with someone with Fibro. One of my Fibromyalgia symptoms is that I can’t manage to have anything rough against me. In recent months this has got to the point that I have to wear pull on bras because no matter what setting I use on the hooks and eyes from loose to tight or anywhere in between I am very aware of the fastening and they irritate me. Let’s be honest I am not really built for these sports type bras I should be wearing something more substantial but I can only cope with those for a couple of hours or so at best now. Underwires were impossible even before any sort of diagnosis, they always seemed to stick into my armpits even when I was measured! It has been a few months since I have tried to wear my jeans so as the Autumn sets in it will be interesting to see if I can still manage them or not. I have a feeling that the odd metal stud they have may make this a problem. So interestingly as someone who has never been very into clothes and usually bought the cheapest possible, I am now getting quite interested in fabrics.
Living Creatively with Fibro | Softly Does It Can I have an outfit made of this

Can I have an outfit made out of this, please!

Finding useful information

I was somewhat surprised to find some of the best information on fabrics was provided by Ordnance Survey! Although I don’t get out very much I would actually love to be able to do so more often this information has been incredibly useful. If only I lived somewhere rural and it wasn’t a journey in itself to get to the countryside… Amusingly though due to the Fibro I go through several different climate situations without even leaving the room…  The next useful information I stumbled upon was and they provide a really useful glossary of, well pretty much every fabric I have ever heard off, although unfortunately, it doesn’t provide any softness scale…
Do you have Fibromyalgia or a similar condition and find that what you can wear is limited? I’d love to hear from others with similar experiences and know what your go-to choices are. Feel free to leave a comment below or catch up with me on social media. Next time I will be focussing on my Fibro experience again.

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