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So, if you have fallen off the internet onto this page you may be wondering what on earth Spoonie Life is, if that is the case I recommend you take a look at What is Fibromyalgia? Who are Spoonies? to get an overview. Pop back here afterwards as this next bit is important.

Spoonie Generalisation

So, if I am going to talk about Spoonie Life I am going to clarify something first. I am sure I am not saying this for your benefit, I know you already get it. But it is 2023 and the internet is full of people who don’t seem to “get” or want to get a great deal any more. So I am going to spell it out.

When I talk about Spoonies and living a spoonie life. I am not suggesting we are all the same. This is no more likely than all deaf people being the same or all wheelchair users being the same. We are all individuals with our own passions and interests and preferred way or doing things, we are all unique.

However, in much the same way that being confined to a wheelchair may effect the way that a user goes about their life. So living with a chronic illness changes how we tackle things. Therefore the purpose of all my spoonie Lifestyle posts is to suggest ideas to try and ways to tackle various aspects of life. Also to share stories with you about my experiences and how Fibromyalgia effects my daily life.

Don’t expect your Dr to know

The Spoonie theory is so common among the community that I was quite surprised to read:

Spoon theory may be well known to people with chronic illness, but there’s a good chance your doctor hasn’t heard of it.

Hope Cristol – Web MD

I would have imagined there would be enough people talking in these terms with their doctors that the message would have filtered out. I have seen a few documents on NHS websites mentioning it, so perhaps it is in America that Doctors are less clued in? I don’t know. I’m not a Doctor and I don’t play one on TV.

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Remember our life may be a lecture they skipped!

Welcome To My Spoonie Life

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