So today I am mainly thinking about sleep, and that is because this week I have not been doing an awful lot of it. To the point, I was even considering pulling out writing this post, but as it is sleep deprivation rather than a flare-up as such, I decided to proceed.

First of all, I thought I would remind you of some of the steps I have already taken to improve my overall quality of sleep.

Invested in the Nrem Mattress

I have to say this isn’t the first time I have talked about sleep, right back in September 2016 I told you about the new Nrem Mattress we bought. It was an investment, considering we were previously using a sub £100 one from Ikea but I won’t exaggerate it has been worth the cost and due to their interest-free monthly payments we haven’t felt the pinch of the purchase either.

Before we invested in the Nrem mattress, every night was a bad night. Michael always commented on how I would regularly be whimpering in pain in a semi-conscious state. I would roll into a different position, and shortly afterwards the whole cycle would begin again. I used to use a Fitbit to monitor my sleep, and every night I would be waking up over thirty times. It was an impossible situation in which to continue. The mattress put a stop to always waking up and allowed me to lie comfortably. They also give you a 100-night trial during which time you can customise the sections of the mattress even further to ensure it meets your needs perfectly. If you would like to get your hands on a Nrem mattress from Tweak, use this link and you can get £100 off – a bargain if you ask me!

Living Creatively with Fibro | An image of the Nrem Mattress with the wording take a case of Fibromyalgia add an Nrem Mattress and you get sleep

The Bedtime Bliss Mask

Coincidentally, a year later in September 2017, I talked about the Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask. I think Michael uses his more often than I do, with his thin eyelids ? it helps him to have a dark room. Unfortunately, as I mentioned at the time, I do tend to toss and turn, and this often causes the mask to come off. Mine comes into its own when I have a snooze sitting on the sofa with my feet up on the footrest. I guess it is due to the position I am in or the fact that I am so tired I’m sleeping in the daytime, but there is no wriggling then. If you want to find out more about the mask you can check them out on Amazon.

Living Creatively with Fibro | An image of the mask with the wording If the bright lights are Invading your sleep maybe you need some bedtime bliss

So why can’t I sleep!

I have been doing a bit of research into reasons for insomnia; mine is the type where I go to sleep without a problem but then wake up during the night and often can’t get back to sleep. Reading this article on WebMD, I considered if it was primary or secondary insomnia. Well, I have had Fibromyalgia for two and a half years now, and insomnia comes and goes in phases. So I am not sure? The Fibro may be contributing to the additional sleep problems (I’m not talking about the non-restorative sleep which is a common Fibro thing, I have learnt to live with that) Also is it Acute or Chronic because it comes and goes in phases when it lasts for a while at a time. The central section of the article was concerning creating a clean sleep routine.

Clean Sleep Routines

So many people are talking about cleaning your sleep routine. Michael is currently undergoing sleep treatment which involves restricting his hours of sleep, and on the whole, things seem to be helping. They just gave him an additional 30 minutes per night which made him happy. He no longer has caffeine after 6 pm which is another part of his treatment.

What if you don’t typically need a clean sleep routine? For ages now, I have gone to bed and watched YouTube on my iPad, and this helps me to get drowsy and fall asleep.  The guidance always says not to use digital devices before sleeping, but I do wonder if changing my routine may be more harmful?

What if?

Ironically, now Michael is sleeping better his visits to snoresville may be disturbing mine, any yet on other nights they don’t at all.

What if my IBS flare-up is disturbing me somehow, I’m not talking about when it is acute, but the slow movement through my bowels is triggering a sensation that wakes me up – bare with me I’m grasping at straws.

Could it merely be another Spoonie problem?

What if I am just over thinking things?

Do you have Fibromyalgia (or a similar chronic health condition)  and find that whenever something different goes on you are always thinking is this part of Fibro? I’d love to know about your experiences of sleep problems and especially insomnia, not waking due to pain but just waking! Please do drop a comment at the bottom of the page I love to hear from you.

I will be back on Monday with more crafty news (and hopefully I will have slept before then), and later on Wednesday, I will be tackling the next shelf of the corridor cupboard in my decluttering and organisation series. If Fibromyalgia is the only thing you are interested in, no problem, the next post will be next Friday, or you can catch up with the previous ones on this page.

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