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Comfy Nights with the N:Rem Sleep System

We have now spent eight nights on our wonderful new N: Rem mattress and it certainly warranted pride of place at the beginning of today’s post, or more correctly as it turned out its own post.

As I mentioned last week this mattress was something of a big deal for us. Although we can pay for it at a rate of £1 a night (in practical terms £30 a month) we will be paying this over two years so it was very much a considered purchase considering we will need to save for a deposit for either a mortgage or rent as soon as possible.

The first night was strange, it is actually hard to describe the sensation as the mattress felt both soft but firm all at once. The times when I rolled over in the night gave the initial indication that the mattress was much superior to our previous standard sprung one. Over the next couple of nights, the initial firm feel began to give way to an altogether softer feel.

I do still have times when I toss and turn at night but this is usually because I have not yet found a comfortable position to lie in or I am being kept awake mentally or by the dreaded Fibro itching. It is so much better for Michael though since we have had the mattress as I do not disturb him nearly as much.

I did actually find the other night that I was so comfortable that I slept in one position for several hours. The downside of this was I was sleeping with an arm under my pillow and that arm was agony when I woke up. but that had a lot more to do with a poor choice of position from me than the mattress.

Michael has found the mattress to be really comfortable too, although he does not need it for pain reasons like I do. He made very few changes to the original position the blocks come in as displayed on this image from their site.

Living Creatively with Fibro | N:Rem Mattress

I decided to position mine, from head to toe: Medium, Soft, Soft, Medium & Firm. the firm block is actually beyond my feet (I’m only 5′ 4″) but it is useful at the bottom of the bed when I sit there to put on footwear etc. This positioning seems to be working well for me and I see no reason to change it.

 The other thing I mentioned last week was the night sweats, I had a great first night where this didn’t happen at all but since then it has re-occurred but this may be due to the pillows as during the first night my main pillows were in the wash and I used the spares. A quality mattress investment may lead to an investment in pillows.

I have to say that I do not have any affiliate links to N: Rem but felt the need to share with anyone else suffering from Fibromyalgia or any other chronic pain condition how highly I rate the mattress.

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