I called, One of the most important posts I have written on this blog “I’m not disabled I’m Chronically Ill“. I still believe this statement to be true, however, over the years I have realised that the chronically ill still need help. So today I will talk to you about some of my disability aids for spoonies.

Grab Bars

One of the first disability aids I needed were grab bars. For the last few years, I have struggled with getting in to our flatlet. The main problem is the top four stairs that bend around a corner. Add the tight bend to the fact that they are the top stairs after two flights, by which time my legs are wobbly to say the least. Without these Grab Bars from Amazon I would seriously struggle to make it into the flat.

Grab Bar disability aids to help me into the flat

Enter the Commode

By far the biggest investment in a disability aid to date is the commode. I am one of the lucky (written with heavy sarcasm) people who have both Fibromyalgia and IBS. The bathroom is on the floor below, as you can imagine having read about the grab bars. It was not always possible to make it down the stairs in time (never mind trying to get back up afterwards…) although I vainly struggled with the embarrassment of needing a commode for a short while. When you have experienced being caught short and needing a bucket, the embarrassment fades fast! We purchased this Commode from Amazon, it’s not the cheapest but the seat pad helps to camouflage it somewhat.

Getting to the bottom of it!

Now I have broached the subject of all things bathroom. Not long after we purchased the commode it gained a companion. I didn’t even know disability aid products like this existed; we Googled the problem and discovered the bottom wiper! When you have chronic pain extending your joints, it is amazing how the most primitive actions resemble complex gymnastic manoeuvres. Head over to Amazon if you require a Bottom Wiper to regain your independence.

Portable Disability Aid

My most recent purchase arrived this week. This is good though, it is a disability aid full of hope. Next week we have our holiday and then within twenty-four hours of returning we move to our new house, where I can get out easily. So celebrating this liberation I went to Amazon and purchased this!

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I decided it was wise to purchase a walking stick because I never know when an ankle or knee will just go on me. However, I also know that I won’t always need to use it. I didn’t want to use one of those plain wooden sticks like my dad does for multiple reasons. So when I saw this it thrilled me. It is purple with flowers so that is a big plus, add to that the fact you can collapse it so it fits into a handbag and it is the perfect solution. It is less than £5 too! You can get one from Amazon.

Recommended disability aids

I have various aids I use specifically for crafting that I have not mentioned here. One of my early purchases has already featured in a blog post. I use the Reaching Aid from Amazon regularly, however, Michael gets plenty of use out of it too, so I can’t think of it as a disability aid. You can read how it helps with housework in this post. Do you have any Disability Aides that you recommend to spoonies? I am always happy to hear about items that may make me life easier. Drop me a note in the comments below.

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