Following on from my visit to crafting Live at Doncaster (read all about it here) the person who has inspired me the most this week is Hayley Bignall. I have only been aware of her Dreamees brand for about a year but have been impressed with the products I have seen launched in this time. It is very clear that first and foremost Hayley is a crafter and a business woman second. The products she launches are always very much on brand and authentic to her style. Even more importantly, they are always affordable to crafters with a very limited budget.  In an industry where many brands keep pushing their boundaries and moving into increasingly large product ranges the Dreamees continue to stick to stamps, discs/paper ranges, glitters, pearls and MDF shapes. Obviously, I don’t know her plans going forward but I get the impression that she is unlikely to move into areas like dies that are already very saturated. Whenever I watch her demonstrations on Create and Craft TV I am always impressed to see Hayley and her mum Carol using  other product ranges, with the attitude “why should we reinvent the wheel” which is very refreshing when so many other companies keep introducing their own version of product, with no real difference other than their own logo, for example, the mini die cutting machine, how many are there on the market now? How many of them are identical to others except for colour and logo? Don’t get me wrong I’m as guilty as any other crafter of seeing the adverts and feeling the need to have another of whatever the latest product is simply because if has been launched by one of our favourite brands in the perfect colour. However, as stated I do feel that Hayley and the Dreamees will not be jumping onto this bandwagon but will stay true and authentic to what she set out to do, namely, bringing us quality products in her usual style at affordable prices.

Well played, especially by such a young business woman who has only been in business for 6 years. Another thing that set’s Hayley and Carol apart is their TV demonstrations, I can only describe it as accidental selling! They quite simply craft away and give you the chance to fall in love with the product at which point a purchase is a natural result, some of the less experienced craft presenters on Create and Craft TV and other channels need to learn this lessons. Let us watch the demonstrations, learn all we can about the product and then we will purchase. If you need to do the hard sell you are selling the wrong product. At this point, I can’t help but have a little chuckle thinking about Carol with her sold-out hat. It is the perfect balance of entertainment and allows every female with a mother still living to think I bet Hayley is so embarrassed, glance across and see she isn’t and love it even more.

Currently, I am waiting for Saturday when the Dreamees will be launching their first weekender (a deal that lasts all weekend – surprisingly enough). I have seen the occasional advanced photo of the products and already love what I have seen, they are on the Christmas theme because let’s face it in craft land Christmas has begun. I am fairly confident that come the weekend I will discover, as usual, that the collection of products will be available for a very sensible price and will, therefore, be making their way to my house by the end of next week.

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Disclosure: If you decide to try some of the products I recommend I may receive a small commission from your purchase. However, I have not been paid in advance to advertise the products and have not received them free of charge unless stated. They are simply products I have purchased and found very helpful or enjoyable to use.

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