Living Creatively with Fibro | Lucky Bitch.comThis week I have been very much obsessing over Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Youtube channel. Denise is best known for her Lucky Bitch website. At first, I will admit I was not sure what I would make of the site due to its name but my doubts were very quickly squashed. Denise talks about money in a very engaging way, let’s face it she would have to because it is certainly not a subject I would normally enjoy talking about. After discovering her blog and Youtube channel I have, I confess gone right back to her earliest film and I’m working through them all. Her films have given me some really useful advice and I can see how I have been approaching money in completely the wrong way. Her Money Blocks download has been really enlightening and I could see straight away that I was making many of the errors she talks about, for instantly undervaluing my work or giving it away for free. She also makes you realise that you can still be a nice decent person and desire to earn a meaningful income. Why should we let nasty, unscrupulous people own all of the wealth? There is money enough for decent, hard working people to have their fair share of it.

As much as I really enjoy the work I do there are times when I struggle working within the confines of the organisation I work for (for instance the working hours and having to travel to work when it is a cold day) These are things I never thought of before the Fibromyalgia arrived. Since starting to watch Denise’s videos I have been very inspired to consider starting my own business to enable me to work from home in the hours I choose. I will actually put it out there that I hope to make this a reality within a four-year window. I have Fibromyalgia so I have to pace myself…

Who has inspired you this week?

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