An image of a lightbulb surrounded by brightly coloured powder paint representing creativity.

So what is Creativity?

Hello there! I hope you’re doing well today. I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the importance of creativity. You see, creativity isn’t just about being artistic or coming up with unique ideas. It’s about thinking outside the box and approaching problems from a different angle.

It’s about being open-minded and willing to explore new possibilities. In today’s world, creativity is more important than ever. With so many challenges facing us, we need people who can think creatively and come up with innovative solutions. Whether it’s in business, science, the arts, or just getting through daily life, creativity is what drives progress and helps us to tackle the most pressing issues of our time.

Simple Creativity

My creativity does have a base in the traditional artistic viewpoint. I have been a long time Cardmaker, spend time on Adult Colouring and more recently got into Diamond painting. I have flirted with jewellery making and attempted knitting.

As well as the handcrafts I have, in my pre Fibro days spent time dancing and acting. Not to mention spending half my life singing in a choir. I talk about more of this in the post My Creative Journey as a Spoonie.

Beauty in Knowledge

Over on my blog Creative Fibro’s Digital World I talk about many of my online pursuits. In recent years since I have been living with Fibro Fog I have found the need to be creative with my knowledge management. What began as occasionally losing a word mid sentence back in 2016 now finds me forgetting chunks of information I used to know. I now manage this pretty well, perhaps check out the other blog if you have issues with Fibro Fog.

Creativity in the Home

Off the top of my head there is The Home Edit, Clutterbug, KonMari, Stacey Solomon’s Sort Your Life Out. All these type of shows have sprung up out of the desire to be more creative in our homes, how we store and arrange our possessions. Interestingly the underlying message of all of them is to have less possessions.

Creativity can be seen all around us, an image on an eye with flowers around it.
Image by Daniel Hannah from Pixabay

I think we all have at least one area of our lives that requires some creative storage. I have friends who love shoes, many people love clothes and have more than they will wear, others who collect various collectables. I have a weakness when it comes to crafting goodies. They do say there are two hobbies, crafting and collecting crafting items. I am trying to be creative in coming up with ways of using them beyond cardmaking.

Spoonie Creativity

Interestingly I have found one complication of Creativity with Fibromyalgia and that is when I begin concentrating on creative tasks if triggers my Hyperhidrosis to go into overdrive. I explain the details of this in the post Fibro Hyperhidrosis triggered by Creativity. I was wondering if this was to do with which side of the brain I was using and does one cause the hyperhidrosis to be more extreme. Perhaps this is something I will look into in more details.

But for now, let’s all embrace our inner creativity and see where it takes us!

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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