First of all, let me say that I am not new to Pinterest I have been using for, I don’t know, at least a few years now. However, I think it is safe to say that I haven’t really been making the most out of it. I have recently created a new account to go with this blog and you can find it here.  I decided to set this account up as a business although my blog is certainly not a business at the present (and may never be) but I do plan at some point to have a website to generate an income. The first thing I discovered about the business Pinterest account (which is free still) is that you can have shared boards and personal ones. No, I don’t have any secret content yet but it is good to know that instead of maintaining two accounts I can have all the creativity related material in the public part and things that catch my attention but are of no relevance whatsoever in the private section.

The next feature I love about my business account is that I have an analytics section which allows me to see who is looking at my boards, I was not very surprised when I had a quick glance just now and saw that 64 females had visited and 1 male. This both allows me to know that the material I am sharing is being appreciated by lots of women out there but maybe I need to work harder to meet the needs of creative males and yes they do exist there are many very talented male crafters out there, for instance, John, who I wrote about last week. I can see that people viewing my boards are doing so from five different countries although the UK followed by the USA provided most of the viewers. I can also see the interests of the people who are looking at my boards which helps me to make sure I am sharing the sort of pins people want to see.

Up to now, I have been concentrating on the benefits of Pinterest for meeting the needs of my visitors, however, let’s not forget the pleasure I get from using it for my own needs. It is so useful to build up a gallery of inspiration for different craft product manufacturers. As a crafter, we all have those blank moments where you get out a beautiful stamp or great die and you are simply can’t think what to do with it. Being inspired by what others have done with it before usually gets the creative juices flowing. If you are a new crafter sometimes simply copying what you find is a great way to practice and learn new techniques, if you are more experienced it is very rare you copy anything simply look for something to get you started.

Are you a fan of Pinterest? If so I would love to hear why you love it and the types of boards you have. Share your comments below.

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