There is something about early January to mid-February that is oppressive. In the buildup to Christmas we compensate the darkness with twinkling lights for Christmas and the festive season. But once these have come down, and we have passed the initial buzz of the New Year and all the possibilities it brings. It leaves us with a cold dark month we need to endure. Today I would like to talk with you about physical wellbeing and your environment at this time of year. 


The simple fact is if you live in the UK or North America etc. it is cold at the moment. Changes of temperature are not good for Fibromyalgia, I wrote in some detail about this in a blog post last year. I know that many people with Fibromyalgia are more comfortable in warmer weather and the winter is the worst time of year. Visually I love living in a country with seasons but my body does not feel the same. I find the best way to manage the temperature is with a mixture of heating and layers.

If I crank up the temperature of the room too much, I get a headache. If my clothing is too warm, my hyperhidrosis kicks in and I get into a hot sweaty mess. For my health and wellbeing it is almost a science in working out the best combinations of clothing and heating. When necessary I add a blanket over specific parts of me that need to be warmer than other parts. I sometimes calculate it wrong and overheat. when this happens these  Acevery Cooling Towels from Amazon, are a lifesaver. A short amount of time on the back of my neck does the trick.

Living Creatively with Fibro | An image of an ice flake on a blue/grey background with the words Cold weather is not a friend of Fibromyalgia


If you have been reading my blog for a while you will be familiar with my posts about decluttering and organisation. I am not a complete hoarder of television worthy proportions but I still have more stuff than I need. Although we associate Spring with deep cleaning, in the New Year when you are full of plans and ideas for the year ahead clutter seems offensive. In terms of wellbeing, I have read so much about clutter and mental health, including facts to back this up. I believe the amount of stuff in our flat is probably contributing to Michael’s low moods and if I didn’t spend so much time working on my mental health could cause depression for me, too.

One of the main issues here is that our flat is two floors up so once I have sorted things to remove, Michael has to get them down the stairs and out of the house. He has to be careful lifting weights due to past back and shoulder problems. We will get there one day but I won’t lie, I wish we lived in a bungalow – one day, maybe!

Digital Overload

If you know me at all well, you will know how much I love tech! I also love to discover new things and have eclectic tastes in what I watch or read. Add all this together and it is easy to get swamped with videos, images and blog posts which give my so many ideas I would love to try. Not only am I swamped with inspiration but also surrounded by people with beautiful, uncluttered, spacious homes. If this resonates with you I would love to know how you address it? 

I don’t want to give up on my dreams and aspirations but similarly I need to understand my limitations. I have heard people say recently don’t compare your chapter one with someone else’s chapter ten. This sentiment has many merits, but I started my decluttering journey the year before last. My brain dreams up ideas at the speed of an athlete and my poor body limps along behind at a snail’s pace.

Living Creatively with Fibro | An image of a phone on a wooden table with tiles spelling social media The statement Digital Overload can affect your wellbeing

Your Wellbeing

I would be interested to know what is affecting your wellbeing at the moment. Perhaps you live somewhere where it is Summer now and you are having a different experience. Maybe where you live, you don’t have seasons and the temperature never changes (I bet that is easier on the Fibro?) Or perhaps like me you are suffering from a touch of the January blues (and yes I know it is already February!) Either way drop a comment below and let me know what is affecting you at the moment, I’d love to know.

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