Under the Kitchen Sink

Welcome back to the decluttering series, where today we will be delving under the kitchen sink. This is next to the Kitchen Gadgetry Cupboard I covered a couple of weeks ago.  I have to confess that you join me halfway through the project. I initially emptied everything off the top shelf and put all the bottles and spray cans etc. into storage boxes. I have developed a new love for the Interdesign Cabinet/Kitchen Binz that I purchase from Amazon.

As you will see they come in a variety of sizes and I have started to organise my cupboards using them. I have to confess the only thing that I dislike about them is the name Binz; I can’t help it I just hate it when brand names butcher the English language. Anyhow, let’s get on with the job we are here to do. Once I had sorted the top shelf, I confess I just dumped everything else into a crate and stuck this onto the bottom shelf. I have now ordered a couple more Interdesign containers, and this is where you join me.

The Cupboard underneath the kitchen sink, the top shelf has been organised into containers the bottom shelf has a crate stuck in there


I confess this job had become the elephant in the room; I left it until today, publication day to get on and do it. The first job was to pull everything out and clean the shelf. because it was the bottom shelf there was no way I could reach to do it; I can’t kneel on the floor that is for sure. I ended up using a Microfibre Cleaning Mitt on the end of the grabber stick. It may not have been quite as easy as putting my hand in it, but it saved my back, so the trade-off was worth it.

Sorting through the Content

As well as sorting through everything in the crate I also rescued the cleaning caddy which was in the hall cupboard, where it didn’t get used, but random things were stuffed in it. Don’t judge me I’m sure we have all done similar things… I had expected this job to take most of the day and leave me in a mad panic to get this post written, but I was surprised, even allowing for the odd break I took when necessary I had the shelf cleaned, the caddy emptied and cleaned and all the contents organised within an hour.  Why do we put off jobs that we think will be a nightmare only to find when we brace ourselves to do them they are nowhere near as bad as we expected – this happens to me so often I need to learn this lesson! This is how the cupboard looked when I had finished:

Under the Kitchen Sink Completely tidied with the new storage containers in place

The benefits of Organising Under the Kitchen Sink

Why did I not do this ages ago? By going through and organising everything into categories and putting them into clear containers, I have discovered:

  • There were multiples of various items that had got pushed to the back of the big unorganised shelf.
  • I had items that I was unaware I owned.
  • My cleaning products ratio to time spent cleaning is laughable  😉
  • Keeping the cleaning caddy in the cleaning cupboard means it is likely to be used not just ignored and can be stocked up easily with the products in the cupboard.
  • This cupboard was not the best place for spares, but there is room now in the hall cupboard for these in an organised container now I’ve moved the cleaning caddy.
Under the Kitchen Sink Spares

Here you will see the products that have been pulled out and will go into a container in the hall cupboard. At this point, I have to say that the hall cupboard is a disaster. But I am learning, so I will put them all into a temporary container that I already possess in the correct cupboard. I will later gut this cupboard and organise the proper storage. Once again I have to acknowledge the inspiration I have received from Clutterbug without which I would still have cupboards full of things I don’t use or need and random piles of things I do want waiting to find a home. Don’t worry when I tackle the corridor I’ll bring you along too.

Blog Under the kitchen Sink

Join Me!

If you have been motivated to do some organising and to declutter, I’d love to see your progress. Whatever day of the week you do yours just tag me in on any of the social media accounts. I check them all at least once a week but I hand out on Twitter daily.

I confess I’m not sure what project I’m going to be tackling next, it may be another in the kitchen area, or back in the bedroom or craft room or possibly even the corridor cupboard, either way, I’ll be back next Wednesday to tell you all about it. Don’t forget in the meantime there will be some Fibro thoughts on Friday which may just come in the form of a poem and next Monday I will be sharing the second of the Anniversary Cards I’ve made.

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,


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