First quick impression

As soon as I saw the Flower Fairies images I was transported back to my childhood. I had a poster of them all on my bedroom wall. If I’m honest I didn’t really appreciate it then as I was a bit of a tomboy. Now, however, I love them. I do have a CD Rom set of Flower Fairies I got several years ago from Crafter’s Companion but in the world of crafting there is something new around every corner so I haven’t used it for ages. Receiving this kit has encouraged me to enjoy this beautiful imagery again and if I am short of any materials I can always get out me disks and have a look for bits and pieces to work with this kit.

Creating the cards

Once again this gift was a papercrafting kit only so there was no stamps or embossing folders to test out. I say only but actually, it is no bad thing for a craft hoarder! The last papercrafting kit to come free with a magazine that I used was the beautiful Hunkydory Floral Breeze set. After this post, I went on and used all the rest of the kit and it felt so therapeutic. There is a bit of a joke with Hunkydory fans that you need to buy two of everything then you have one to use and one to stroke. I’ll be honest I have such a large collection that it feels good actually using something up. Some more of the cards may make their way onto my Hunkydory Inspiration Pinterest Board but others will be available in my Etsy store which I am planning on opening in the next month or two (you heard it here first!)

Gutting my cardstock

 In contrast to what I have just said I did, however, break a habit of a lifetime when making this card and gut my matting cardstock. I often use fairly cheap mirror card for this purpose but some of them have quite a brassy gold shade and I really wanted a more subtle gold so I turned to my limited amount of Hunkydory Mirri card, hence the gutting process. If you don’t know what I am talking about here is an image, apologies I remembered to take the photo after I had already added glue!

Gutting my Cardstock
So as you will see gutting cardstock is simply cutting out the middle portion to save it for another use, another benefit of doing this is the overall card will weigh a little bit less if you are posting it.

Step By Step

I decided to use an Ivory 8″ x 8″ card blank for the card. I cut a backing paper to 19cm x 19cm and cut the gold Mirri Card to 19.5cm x 19.5cm (with the middle gutted) and layered these together and fastened to the card front with Collall All Purpose Glue. The main images and the decorative strip were also fastened with Collall All-Purpose. The two sentiments were attached with Adhesive Foam Pads, I’m not sure what brand they are but I think these are the last of some cheaper ones I got as they were more fiddly to use than the Hunkydory or Affix It ones I have used recently. In the corner, I used my Layer Perfect and an extended automatic pencil to dot where I wanted the pearl hearts to be then added them with Cosmic Acrylic Glue. Here is the front of the card:
Flower Fairies Completed Card
For the Insert, I used my Crafter’s Companion Flower Fairies Discs, unfortunately, I haven’t got the Rose fairy disc so use the nearest one to the image. The built in software on the disc only allowed me to print up to 6″ x 6″ so I imported the design into Serif Craft Artist and resized it to the 19cm square I needed. Here is the insert.
Have a Magical Day 8x8 Insert

Let’s get this finished

I am very much looking forward to getting this papercrafting kit all used up over the next couple of days. If you are new here you may be unaware that I am on a big mission to declutter my craft stash, you can read about it in this post. Thankfully there are no difficult decisions to make as to whether I should keep the kit in my streamlined stash, once again the beauty of a papercraft kit is once you have used it it’s all gone, great for someone with a ridiculously large craft stash, less good I suppose for a new crafter wanting to build up their collection.

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