I have recently been sent some Focus Supplements to try out and I thought I would use today’s post to share my findings with you. Although I have been sent the product free of charge this is not a sponsored post and I am not being paid to promote the product. This supplement contains Caffeine and Theanine and they are created to give you calm focus. You can find the ones I tried on Amazon.

Creating a Routine

I have been taking the supplement for nearly two weeks now, so it is still somewhat early days but here are my thoughts so far. You have the Capsules after food unlike all my other medication, so I can’t just put it in my pillbox and forget about it. Although you can have two a day, I opted to have one a day to see how I get on with it and can increase this if I desire to do so. I do not drink coffee or tea, so I don’t get any caffeine from them although I do have a bit of a Pepsi Max habit I need to work on… I initially began taking the supplements after lunch. Regarding routine, this has been ok, but I take the rest of the pills from that compartment when the 1 pm alarm goes off. Depending on what I am doing and when I ate breakfast I may have already eaten lunch or I may not plan on having it until 2 pm. Today I tried something different, although I still had the capsule in the lunchtime compartment, I took it out and had it after breakfast, partly because having woken up at 5: 30 am I was tired and partly because it does away with remembering to take it later.

Initial Impressions

When I took the first one I had a very mild feeling of palpitations, this was nothing to worry about and wasn’t alarming at all it was just a strange feeling. This sensation had not happened again until today when I took it at a different time of day. Other than that I have not noticed any other sensations from actually using them. So have I noticed any benefits? Well, I haven’t been keeping any statistics as such, but some days I think I have been able to focus quite well in the afternoon when that hadn’t always been the case before. Today though when I took the supplement early because I needed it’s help I am sitting here yawning my head off so it begs the question should I have used two today or is it no match for waking up really early and I should to go to sleep and continue writing this later.
Picking this up a bit later, I didn’t go to sleep, but I did go and relax with my iPad for a while and nearly nodded off. Actually, I think it helped me to relax.

Possible Side Effects of the Focus Supplements

I have noticed during the two weeks I have been taking the supplements that I have had more frequent IBS attacks than before. At the moment, I am not saying there is a link it could be a total coincidence but to be an honest review it still deserved raising.
In the Zone

My Interim Verdict of Focus Supplements

At this point, I would say that the capsules have helped me in a small way that is hard to quantify. So would I purchase them? My honest view at this moment is not to take regularly, but if there was something important happening, then I think so yes.  So for spoonies like students who have examinations, they could help. For anyone needing a bit of a calming focus on something like a driving test, I would recommend them too.

Completing my review

I think, going forward to give them the fairest chance I am going to take half the container then stop using them a month before starting to retake them for another month. This will give me a proper chance to discover how much I miss them and if there is any pattern relating them to my IBS.

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