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Late in 2020, I was contacted by Truth origins who found my blog and wondered if I would like to try their Vitality Supplement* without any obligation at my end. Naturally, I am always happy to try products that are relevant to my life and their supplements have been used and approved by other spoonies.

I emailed back with my consent and said I was more than happy to not just try it, but also review it for the blog. At which point they replied and said they would be sending me an “Influencer’ pack. Over the next few days I received a few email receipts for my “zero cost orders” inclusion one from Tree Nation who let me know that a tree had been gifted and planted by Truth Naturals, no doubt organised by Truth Origins. So this post is all about how I got on with the Truth Origins products. (*Gifted but not a paid post)

Receiving the Products

When I received the parcel I shared a story on Instagram and Facebook to let you know all about it. You can see that here:

What was in the pack?

The first product was the Vitality Supplement, and I decided to wait until December to take this because that is the time of year when I want to feel at my best. Next, there was the Shine Vitamin D spray which provides a bigger dose than any other supplements I have tried in the past.

I take this spasmodically especially on days when the atmosphere is gloomy and I don’t even get as far at the doorstep. The final supplement was the CBD Oil which I can’t currently see listed on their website. I have taken this before, as you may remember, in capsule form but I really can’t cope with the oil as it is, however it has found a grateful recipient in my husband.

Taking the Truth Origins Vitality

Their website contains a selection of recipes that use the supplements and some of them look quite appealing but as we didn’t have all the ingredients for any that I fancied I decided to crack on and try it with water. The first day I added it to a pint of water but found it to be very over diluted and so the next day I waited until my glass was down to the last quarter or so and it tasted so much nicer and this is how I have continued to take it each day.

The Pineapple and Lime flavour is really nice, I could never guess that there was a product like turmeric in it!  

IMG 2662

Feeling the benefits

I would say that about two days in I began to feel better. I am not talking miracle cure and no more pain anymore but the best way to describe it is that I had more pep, a spring in my step. As you will know I am naturally an optimistic person so it wasn’t that my mood was improved but as it literally says on the bottle. I had more Vitality.

I continued to take it until about the 23rd of December when the majority of the work was done and it was time to relax and enjoy the festive season. At this point, I stopped taking it for a while on purpose because I wanted to see if I noticed a change.

Life without Vitality

Through the immediate festive period, I didn’t notice a difference, but then you don’t need an awful lot of vitality to indulge in festive food and watch television. On January 4th it was time to end my “holiday” and get back to work with the blog and other productivity tasks. Initially, I struggled, this was not because of a low mood exactly but some Fibromyalgia flare-up symptoms were not helping things.

That week I didn’t really achieve an awful lot other than producing my social media daily microblog (Instagram and Facebook get the complete thing, but sadly Twitter followers are reduced to a snippet). Although I did manage to put out the previous post, Hopes for 2021, I really noticed at this point that something was missing.

My verdict of the Truth Origins Vitality supplement

On January 11th I began taking the supplement again and a couple of days later once more I began to feel the benefits, I was again feeling brighter even though I was physically still having some pain flare-ups. I can categorically say that the Truth Origins Vitality supplement does what it says on the bottle, it gives you vitality.

Although I bring my natural positivity to the table, the supplement seems to boost this somehow and things start to feel achievable. Although doing simple housework can leave me in pain after a very short period of time I seem to have a little more energy and when the pain recedes I still feel somehow boosted.

Will I do continuing to take the Supplement?

If this was a simple decision I would say, yes, of course. However, like many people living with a chronic illness my entire income at the moment is PIPS. (A top-up income to help with disabilities) We currently already pay for my pre-paid prescription certificate to cover my NHS prescription medications. At this moment in time, I will not be able to afford to purchase more.

As my regular readers will know I have opened my online card shop and if this along with other online endeavours I have planned come to fruition and my finances have more wiggle room I will certainly be purchasing this regularly. If not I will do my best to save up and get some for next January because this supplement is the ultimate January Blues beater.

Do I recommend Vitality?

If your finances are a little more forgiving than mine I completely recommend the Truth Origins Vitality Supplement. Science is not my strongest skill so I can’t explain how it works I just recognise there is magic in this bottle!

The Truth Origins Shine Supplement

The Shine supplement has a peppermint taste. You spray it in the side of your mouth and wait 60 seconds before swallowing. This is a vitamin D based supplement. I have been taking Vitamin D tablets regularly for the last few years but the doses are much stronger. This dose is akin to the prescription strength tablets the Doctor gave me about five years ago, it was before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and in response to my blood tests showing up a low level of vitamin D.

As mentioned earlier I, I have only had a small amount of the Shine Supplement so far, and that was a lower dose. But once I am (hopefully temporarily) out of the Vitality, I will concentrate upon the supplement and update this post to reflect my findings.


As I mentioned earlier in the post, I don’t do well with the oil in liquid form but Michael was more than happy to put this to good use to help with his shoulder pain. If you are new to the blog you may want to read Michael’s post: A husband’s view of Fibromyalgia. I will hand over to him to describe how he used the oil and the benefits he received.

I have been using Truth CBD oil 1500mg for pain relief for shoulder impingement, the pain can get pretty intense and I have been using codeine and ibuprofen for the pain but this doesn’t always take the pain away, so I have been using the CBD oil before bedtime to make sure I am able to sleep at night as the tablets are not enough for me to get a restful nights’ sleep so I swap out my last dose and take the CBD Oil instead.

This has had the effect of me getting a better nights sleep and have more manageable pain levels on waking the next day, also using the CBD oil I avoid the side effect of having too much codeine which can cause constipation, since using the CBD oil on a night time this has been less of an issue as I am not taking 4 doses of codeine in a day. I would recommend this product as it has worked for me but please remember everyone is different and you may not get the same results as I did.

Michael Pearson

  Have you tried Truth Origins?

If you have used and benefited from the Truth Origins products why not drop a comment below. It is helpful for readers to get other perspectives. Also if you have decided to try the Vitality Supplement after reading this, I would love to know how you get on with it. If you prefer not to comment on the blog then why not head over to your preferred social media platform and let’s chat there.

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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