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As far back as my teenage years, I have simmered fragrance oils over candles and used incense sticks. But it was only when I began to experience Fibromyalgia symptoms that I discovered the difference between oils and essential oils. My journey with essential oils ultimately arrived at the conclusion that I could use them to help with pain management.  

Discovering Essential Oils

Initially, I came across Essential Oils for cleaning purposes. As my Fibromyalgia developed I discovered that I was far more sensitive to harsh chemical cleaning products than I used to be and I began to look for alternatives. The first, and most obvious choice were the Eco variety of products available from the Supermarket, but at the time of looking there were very few choices and what was available was somewhat cost-prohibitive. That is when I began searching for other alternatives and came across Melissa Maker’s Clean My Space YouTube channel, and more specifically this video about Essential Oils and Cleaning

Investing in some Oils

After watching the video I was encouraged to purchase some ingredients including the essential oils and began creating some simple cleaning products. Not only did the products work well and cost less than the premium Eco ranges but they didn’t irritate my senses in the same way. It is safe to say that I was convinced. At that point, I started researching what else could be done with Essential Oils and I came across several blog posts and YouTube videos focused on using them for health benefits.

Using a Diffuser

When it comes to using Essential Oils for health benefits my personal favourite method is to use a diffuser. I now have one in the bedroom, the living room and my craftroom cum office. In terms of choosing a diffuser, I Don’t have a specific make or model that I recommend because we currently have three separate ones and none of them is currently available.

We are looking to upgrade the one in the living room from the small one we have now to a larger capacity and every time I browse Amazon there seems to be a whole selection of different designs, these are the ones they currently have.   

As usual, I stick with my age-old mantra of only buying something if it is useful or beautiful or preferably both. Luckily the diffusers I have chosen come under the category of useful and beautiful. I love the way they all gently change colour.  It has a really calming effect that aids mindfulness and gives the room a lovely ambience.

My Headache Remedy

How I used to treat headaches

My pre-Fibro go-to cure for a headache was actually stolen from a friend. Her magic remedy was a cocktail of paracetamol, Diet Coke and chocolate. In my case, I switched the Coke out for Pepsi Max but the vital ingredient is the same, caffeine. This used to work quite well if I got a tension headache but became less effective in my post-Fibromyalgia era.

On one morning I had the type of headache I can usually function to some degree with and I had taken co-codamol and had some Pepsi Max but they just were not shifting it. That was the first evidence I had that Essential Oils could make a difference. I used the selection given below and within 30 minutes felt it lifting.

My Fibro Headache Solution

Headaches are the symptom that the Diffuser helps the most with and after some experimenting, I discovered my perfect combination. All the links go to Aromaweb who I trust to provide information about Aromatherapy products. 

Unlike the fragrance oils of bygone days, the Essential Oil diffusion works by adding your oil (or combination of oils) into some water and this is then atomised. Most diffusers have a selection of settings. When I am in painkilling mode I prefer to switch to the constantly-on setting.

My different models have varying features. Some have an intermittent feature that is good for maintaining the ambience of a room, others have timers of varying lengths. I have recently seen models advertised that work with Alexa, it is well worth considering the capacity and features you are looking for when shopping around.  

Not just for Spoonies

I want to add at this point that Michael has also found the diffuser with this combination of essential oils to assist with removing headaches for him too. So it is not only for those with Chronic Health conditions that this can be beneficial but for anyone.

Not a Cure All

Let me just clarify that the Essential Oil Atomiser is not a complete cure-all. My headaches vary. On a scale of 1 to 10, if the headache is a 9 or 10 the essential oils will not be able to shift this. They are the sort of headaches that require me to go to bed and get to sleep as fast as possible because this is the only thing I can do.

If the headache is a 6 to 8 I will need to take the co-codamol as well (and I often use a Kool’n’Soothe strip, another natural product) but for headaches of 5/10 or less either the Essential Oil diffusion on its own or at the higher end with the addition of the strip, will take care of it.  

I’m not a Doctor

I have to state at this point I am not a doctor (and I don’t play one on the television) as always any unexplained pains should always be checked out by a medical professional, however, if like me you live with painkillers available in your daily life. Essential oils may prove to provide additional support, I cannot guarantee this but am sharing my experience.

Doctors of Varying Quality

I have an awful lot of time for Doctors, on the whole, the majority have chosen to go into the occupation to take care of others. In terms of my personal care, I have met a wide range of medical practitioners from a General Practitioner (GP) who took the time to learn about Fibromyalgia and really helped me as I came to terms with this huge change in my life. Through to a rheumatology specialist who doesn’t believe in Fibro and was one of the most arrogant and ill-informed Doctors I have come across (my GP apologised for the referral). You can read more about that in my Journey to Diagnosis post.

What the Doctors are saying about Essential Oils 

I am afraid I am going to have one of my controversial moments. On the subject of Essential Oils, I want to call out Doctor Mike (he has a very popular YouTube channel). I find many of his videos informative and often entertaining. But when it comes to Essential Oils he is completely patronising, I have heard him in more than one video suggesting people are trying to treat things like heart attacks with them. No, as he rightly points out chest compressions are the way forward for that particular situation.

Follow the Money

It is not the first time I have raised this issue, but let us again follow the money. From what I have read I fear this is even worse in the USA than it is in the UK. Alternative therapies cannot be prescribed and even worse are often defied by medical professionals. You would have thought they would think it better for you to use a natural substance like Essential Oil to treat pain, but in actual fact, the preference is to turn to pharmaceuticals.

Again, not for the first time I will say that if Medical Doctors and Alternative Therapists could work together under the same roof, (in our case as part of the NHS) it could truly revolutionise the health care system and bring you the best of both worlds (It works for Cassie and Sam, if you know, you know). 

Ambient Benefits of Essential Oils 

The diffuser has doubled up in helping us to create a festive atmosphere by using a combination of pine, orange and cinnamon Essential Oils, I also have frankincense to add into the mix. Sometimes you can’t beat the benefits of using Essential Oils to make your home feel warm and inviting and it is far less effort than the other known tricks like baking fresh bread. I have also added a wax melts burner to the mix. Currently, I have some melts created by a seller on Etsy, but going forward I may look into creating my own personal recipes. 

Have you tried Essential Oil Diffusion?

Have you given Essential Oils a try? Maybe they are one of your go-to methods? If so why not drop a comment below and share your experience. Good luck if you have read this and decide to try using essential oils. I hope they can help you with your pain journey too!

If you have found this post helpful I would be grateful if you would share it on your favourite social media platforms so others can find it and benefit too.

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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