If you read my post about how I am documenting this year you will be aware of the organising tools I am using. One of those tools, Remember the Milk, has had some large tasks showing as outstanding for longer than I would like. These are tasks that need doing but are not assigned to any specific day and there are a few tasks on the list that have been there since July, I know, embarrassing… 


Week in and week out I have happily been completing all the little tasks that can be done in a small space of time even when fairly tired. Things like ordering my repeat prescription and filling up my pill box each week etc. However, there have been a couple of big jobs just sat there taunting me and today I decided no more, so I galvanised Michael and we set out sorting out our food cupboards.

 I admit I dare not share a before photo because they were crammed full of, to be honest, we didn’t even know what.   We emptied it out and found items with best before dates like July 2015: oops:

 There were duplicates in there and products we have not eaten for ages. Each week when our shopping arrived we got in the habit of using the front little bit of a couple of shelves and complaining that we had no storage space.

 I am proud to say there is now loads of space in our cupboards!

My Organised Food Cupboard

The Quality Street tin you can spot at the bottom no longer contains chocolates and hasn’t done for some time, it actually has some leftover Wedding Cake that we had completely forgotten about (we got married in June 2015) it looks perfectly good still so maybe we will treat ourselves to some for our Anniversary.

The project is not quite completed as there are a few products we plan on transferring into containers like the caster sugar but until we have bought the new boxes we are happy with this.

This took us a couple of hours to do as we cleaned everything and checked all the dates and it is fair to say I was pretty exhausted after doing it but after collapsing for a rest I went to my computer and ticked off the task and I can’t tell you how good this felt.

The best way to describe it is that I was carrying around a physical weight and each time I either opened the cupboard or saw the task staring back at me on my list the weight got heavier, today that weight was lifted.

Fibro Feature

So what was the impact on my Fibromyalgia when I took on a big organisation challenge that had me on my feet for a couple of hours? Well, during the time spend doing it I hurt, at times a lot, when things got difficult Michael took over for a while but let’s be honest organising is my baby being a Creative Perfectionist so I wanted to be at the heart of the action. After I finished my muscles were really painful and I needed to sit down for an hour before I could think about doing anything else.

Now, about four hours later I feel a bit exhausted, to put it in the context of a non-fibro person probably like you would feel after doing a serious session down at the gym. Mentally I am feeling really positive and a lot of this is because of the feeling of a weight being lifted that I have just mentioned. Will there be any long term implications? I guess I will find out tomorrow and throughout the week but I do think the many benefits of completing a task like this which will make day to day life easier will far outweigh the physical suffering.

What big tasks have you been putting off? Let me know in the comments below.

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