Things are Looking Bare

Things are looking bare 1200x628

So we took our decorations down yesterday. I have noticed when watching American Vlogs that they often take them down the day after Christmas (Boxing Day here in the UK) and if not then certainly before New Year’s Eve. I was most astonished to hear someone say that they used to take it down on Christmas Day in the afternoon. As if the moment Santa has been that is Christmas Done with… I don’t know if this is common in the USA beyond the various vlogs I have seen.

We tend to stick with the traditional 12th night and take them down on the 6th of January. If I was ever to do this earlier it would certainly be after the 1st of January.

This year was an even bigger deal. I mentioned in a previous post that the smaller upstairs tree ended up staying up all year, last year. It was a pandemic response kind of thing… So now I look out of my Croffice (Craftroom/Office) door and see a blank wall other than the night light for the first time in 13 months.

The bare corridor after the Christmas tree was taken down.

It was a bit late for any vacuuming when it came down but I’m sure that is a cobweb I spy, Michael will be on the case later once he has logged off from work.

We are getting towards the end of the remaining festive fair so pretty soon there will not be many traces of the festive season left.

For me, I think this may be the hardest part of the year. Once the Christmas magic has faded but before Spring arrives. The coldest days are still to come usually (which plays havoc with my Fibro) however there may be the chance of snow (which I love to see from the safety of the house).

I know I am getting old though (in my 40s) because it is alarming how fast each Christmas seems to come around.

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