Well, the title says it all this week has been full of Ups and Downs, I’m guessing if you are anything like me you want to hear the good news first?

The Success

The card I made for my colleague that I shared with you last week went down a storm, she totally loved it. I’m not surprised as and card made with Hunkydory products is going to be of the very best quality. The requested humour was exactly the style she was thinking of and the part of the insert I was unable to share with you as I didn’t have room (the page that backs onto the front of the card) tied the interests of the recipient together perfectly. The interests being cats and baking. For this, I managed to find a vintage royalty free picture of cats baking – inspired if I say so myself, although actually, I need to give Michael the credit for suggesting it.   

The success of the card was such that it was shown to another colleague who promptly ordered a Wedding Card for her son’s marriage in December. Hurray, another commission, one step at a time….

The failure

I suppose as failures go it is not too massive more frustrating really. A couple of weeks ago I talked about bullet journals and spent time creating a digital version of one, the background was really pretty and I felt sure I would be compelled to write on it every day. Have I? No, not once since the first day has it been used. I’ve been trying to weigh up the reasons why. After all, I love writing, I have really been wanting to keep a journal of some sort, I have a created a digital one as I am more likely to use a digital resource. Logically there are no reasons why I wouldn’t use this. Finally, I have come to the realisation that it is simply because most days are far too samey, the time I spend in the office was never something I wanted to write about and by the time I have done all the basic everyday necessities of living there is really very little time left to do anything inspirational. I have come to the conclusion that for the time being, I will resolve to keep a journal for the times I have annual leave from work (and I have only five working days until I have a fortnight off!) and ultimately reserve the daily keeping of a journal for when I have managed to liberate myself from the office to create my own income.

The Exciting News

Now for the exciting news, Michael has ordered us a new mattress by N: rem. It looks fantastic and is due to arrive next Friday just in time for our two-week break. It looks like fellow Fibro sufferers have had their quality of sleep improved by this and I’m really hoping the same will be said for me. Certainly, I do get some sleep each night, mainly due to Amytriptyline, but medically induced sleep is not a patch upon naturally comfortable sleep. I’m hoping for a miracle and I’m hoping N: rem will deliver one. I will certainly tell you all about it once it has arrived. It is breaking my own rule but there is a little bit of me wishing this week away…

Gentle hugs, while metaphorically jumping up and down,


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