Living Creatively with Fibro | Long hair before Creaclip cuttingAs promised, I am going to reveal the results of the home hair cut today. My hair has grown quite long recently and given the warmer months I was certainly feeling the heat of carrying it around with me. As mentioned in the previous hair care post getting to the hairdresser is quite problematic these days as my energy levels are pretty much used up during the week at work so finding ways of doing things at home rather than going out is a real bonus.

Michael bravely took on the role of hairdresser because there was no way I would be able to do this on my own. I know the videos are full of people doing their own hair, but as anyone with Fibromyalgia knows we have limitations and simple things like holding our arms above our heads for an extended period of time are not always possible.

I will be honest things did not go as smoothly as planned, our hairdressing scissors are very low quality and struggled to cut through my hair. The hair strands themselves are actually quite fine there is simply a lot of it. We then took out inspiration from the videos and tried using the hair clippers but they were struggling too, I was starting to worry that I would end up looking like a rodent had chewed through my hair – not a good luck. However, Michael came to the rescue again and tried oiling the clippers and thankfully it worked like a dream and they started cutting through my hair like a knife through butter.

So the results! Living Creatively with Fibro | Hair after Creaclip cutFirstly please remember that it has been cut and not styled. Sitting through the hair cut and helping with suggestions followed by showering to remove all the stray hair particles (it really manages to get everywhere doesn’t it – and I mean everywhere!) was all I could manage. Am I happy with it? Well yes I am happy that it is so much lighter but overall I’m not sure, I know the camera adds pounds (well what are a few pounds when you carry a few stone too many…) however, it also seems to be adding more forehead. The jury is out, maybe we may decide to add a fringe (or bangs as our American friends call it). The beauty of cutting my hair at home is that we can do it as often as we like with no additional costs.

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