For anyone who follows me on some of my social media channels, you will know that I went out on Friday 24th November. Not only did I go out but I very nearly felt like my old self, I did things and saw things and had experiences and created memories. This is the story of that day and the week I have been through since then.

Why that day?

So this story started a few weeks earlier when I heard that the Coca-Cola Christmas Lorry was coming to a shopping centre not too far away. I will hold my hands up and say that although I have regularly drunk Diet Coke I usually drink Pepsi Max – sorry! But this wasn’t about the drink or the free mini can they give you (although it was very much appreciated) This is all about the advert. Since the very first time I saw the original full Holidays Are Coming Advert I loved it, that one perfect advert summed up all the warm, cosy, magical, exciting feelings that Christmas can bring. Yes as a Christian obviously Christmas is very much about the Christ in Christmas, however, I also think the more secular Christmas traditions are valuable too. Ironically I have heard many non-Christian people talking about Christmas in ways like this “Christmas is about family, putting others before yourself and being kind to one another, it is also a time to remember people who are not so fortunate as yourself and to give to them if you are able to” so it seems you do not need to be a Christian to hold important Christian values! – Sorry, just an observation I’ll get back to my story.
What does Christmas mean

Planning the Perfect Day

The first thing to organise was to ensure that Michael would be there to share the experience (and be there on hand for support) so he had instruction to book the day off work! Luckily this was done with no problems. For the next week or two, all I could do was to hope that I would be alright and not in a flare so that we could enjoy going. A day or two before going I suddenly on a whim decided I could make the most of being at the shopping centre and get my hair cut as they have a salon you don’t need to book at but just drop in. Many of my bigger hairstyle changes over the years have been done on a whim. If you are new here you might want to check out last weeks post all about Fibromyalgia and haircare. One of the reasons I decided on a drastic haircut was the weight of my hair as well as this weight exacerbating to the hyperhidrosis situation. It seemed the perfect timing to get my hair cut before having the photos with the Coca-cola lorry.

I woke up well

Hurray, be it a special day or a normal one the first hurdle is to wake up feeling well enough to get up and face the day. This was a good morning so all was well. It hit us a day or so before we went that it was Black Friday which was a bit unfortunate and we hoped that it wasn’t crazy when we got there but luckily it was no busier than an average Friday when we arrived at about 10:30 am. The first stop was the salon where I was lucky enough to be able to walk in and go straight through to the stylist’s chair, this was a very relaxing part of the day. I could literally feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders as she cut my hair and this is what was removed: Living Creatively with Fibro | Hair cut off After the haircut and style, thanks, Supercuts you can see my review here.  It was time to go and have our “Holidays are coming” experience.

Holidays are Coming

Although there was a full queue which I was a little apprehensive about I needn’t have worried as it was fast moving and we were only waiting about 5 minutes. I was hoping to have a photo at the front, middle and back but you could only choose one so we went to the middle on, they took photos where you can see the back with the featured Santa one of which is displayed at the top of the post. Here is a different close up: Living Creatively with Fibro | Holidays are coming Coca-cola experience A little of the magic was lost because it was daylight so the lights were not as visible as they would be in the dark, but it was still enjoyable and an experience to remember and of course, we were entered into a special prize draw they were running and were given a voucher to try the Coke Zero for free.

Browsing the shops

We then took a bit of time to browse through some of the shops, window shopping really because other than a couple of magazines we didn’t buy anything. Naturally, I had to take this at a fairly steady pace but there were several other people walking just as slowly as me so I wasn’t self-conscious at all. It was then time for some lunch, we originally planned to call in at KFC but as there was very limited seating in their area we had a look around and realised that the new section where the Cinema has been built was just outside the door and near to the cinema there was a Five Guys Restaurant with plenty of room to sit down. We had never tried them before but came very well recommended by one of the Vlogging families I watch so we decided to give them a go. It was certainly more expensive than a McDonalds or Burger King but the quality could not be disputed. It was certainly the best “fast food” we have eaten. Living Creatively with Fibro | Five Guys Burger and Fries On the way out I couldn’t resist grabbing a photo with the Disney Christmas display outside. Living Creatively with Fibro | Disney Display We then set off home but stopped off at a different retail centre for Michael to collect his laptop from PC world where it had been checked in with the KnowHow team for fixing, we then popped across to Hobbycraft for me to pick up the numbers for my Advent Calendar. There was one final stop off on the way home at the Chemist to pick up our bumper bag of medications and then we were home.

The rest of the day

Pretty much as soon as I got home I had to lie on the sofa and sleep for a while. I can’t even explain the level of aching I felt, especially in my legs. It is fair to say I knew already that it would take a while to recover. It did hit me later in the evening before bed that I had not taken any close-ups of my new hairstyle, we should really have done this in the hairdressers with the big mirror. You can at least see the front in this one though, sorry it’s a bid blurred my arms were aching trying to hold my phone up!: Living Creatively with Fibro | New Haircut Here is another view from the front: Living Creatively with Fibro| New Haircut from the front

The Spoon bank

To once again use Christine Miserandino’s wonderful Spoon Theory I had made a major withdrawal from the Spoon Bank. Leading up to this Friday my account was in good order finally. I was living within my means and resting as soon as there was any sign of a possible Flare-up. As long as I paced myself I was good. Saturday was pretty much a right off. I spent most of the day lying down either in bed or on the sofa, I was only up in my chair for two or three hours spread out throughout the whole day. From Sunday onwards I gradually began to be able to do little bits. Over about three days I got the Advent Calendar painted and I’ve made maybe one trip to the washing machine downstairs and of course written this post. Now, one week on, the following Friday I would say that I am on the road to having some spoons each day, not to the level I had last Thursday but I’m getting there.  I am hoping as I implement my Christmas preparations, which I talked about recently that I will slowly build my spoons up again in time for Christmas itself. It will be nice to not ache quite as much and to have a little more energy.
I hope you are all as well as can be, has anyone else had a major withdrawal from the spoon bank recently? How is your recovery period going? Do drop a comment below I love to hear about the experiences of other Fibro Warriors, or why not check out one of my social media accounts?

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