As anyone who is a bit of a technology geek knows, it is currently tech season. In other words the time when all the major brands launch new tech products. This is only something I have paid attention to in the last few years. This happened at the time I invested in my MacBook and continues because I enjoy watching iJustine’s YouTube channel. I am very fortunate to own an iPad and iPhone as well as my MacBook, but I’m not going to lie I really coveted the iWatch but the finances said no. So I decided to invest in a poor person’s iWatch to see if it would be efficient.

Choosing an iWatch alternative

After spending a few days looking at options I decided to purchase a Letscom Smart Watch from Amazon *. The first thing to point out is that this cost £37.00. In comparison the cheapest iWatch I have seen on Amazon is the iWatch 3*, this one cost £195 so is a marked difference. I will confess though that they have it payable at £39 a month for 5 months and I was SO tempted, but I really couldn’t justify the cost when my only income is PIPS. In the end I told myself if I am able to improve my finances in a couple of years I can have one then.

What do I use a Smart Watch for?

Well, let’s face facts I am not the most active person. So this watch can track eight different sporting activities but walking is the only mode I have even tested, and that is around the house and courtyard! You will be amused to hear the other week I looked at my step count and was really impressed by how many I had done, then I realised it was the weekly total not the daily one…

Sleep Tracking

The feature I most wanted a smart watch for is the sleep tracking. This tracks: deep sleep, light sleep and awake time and in general it does a pretty good job. It does sometimes get confused in a morning if I am lying in bed using my iPad and it thinks I am asleep. In contrast, when I have had a bad insomnia night and not got to sleep until the early hours, I may get up for the bathroom at 7 am for example, then return to bed to sleep. This second period of sleep is often missed. Of course, I don’t know if this is because it is a poor person’s iWatch or if the Apple one would be confused too?

Time and Date

OK, this is extremely basic but I really value having the date and time on my wrist. I know any basic watch will do that but as I am at home 95% of my time I never see the point in putting on my “proper watch.” When using my computer I often use the full screen focus mode so the computer’s clock is hidden. Checking my watch is easier than minimising and disrupting my screen. Of course I could just ask Siri on my phone what time it is, or Alexa depending which room I’m in. If you have an Alexa you might want to check out my post about medication reminders.

Breathing Guide

If you read my other blog you may have seen my post about Headspace. It is no secret that meditation has changed my life in more ways than I could imagine. Although I use the app for my main guided meditation, the smart watch provides a short guided breathing exercise that is great when I just need to take a quick breather.

Heart Rate Monitor

I admit I have not used this as often but it also provides a heart rate monitor, this would be very useful if I get the stabbing pain in my chest again, like happened earlier this year. I just had a quick peek and the results seem about right given my physicality.

How does the poor person’s iWatch measure up?

I have to admit, the Letscom Smart Watch* is an impressive gadget for the price. It can do all the things I have mentioned and more besides, it has a stopwatch, you can set a sedentary reminder and it can even receive text messages and phone calls if paired with your phone. Oh, and control your music when in exercise mode. Although this isn’t a review as such, if it was I think I would give it maybe 4.5 out of 5 due to the sleep tracker, once again I don’t know if this is quite fair though. If the real iWatch had similar difficulties.

Do I still want an iWatch?

You know I won’t lie to you! For my current financial situation I am grateful to have this smart watch but, yes, in a year or two if I can afford it I will be getting an iWatch. If like me you have been eying up the new Apple releases I wanted to let you know that there are other options out there. Especially if your budget is not Apple friendly.

This post contains affiliate links where you see the *. This means that you pay the same price for the item but I receive a small commission. I have not been paid to advertise these products.

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