This week I was unlucky enough to have a Fibromyalgia Flare-up whilst also battling a Virus. The first thing to bear in mind is that all flare-ups can differ from each other. To complicate matters so do viruses.

The Virus /Flare-up divide

I can’t say exactly what strain of virus it was.  Chicken Pox is doing the rounds of my colleague’s children but I had that as a child. I have also had shingles and this wasn’t that either!

It can be difficult picking apart the symptoms of the virus from the Fibromyalgia flare up but the bouts of going hot and cold certainly seemed viral and the nausea sensations were no doubt part of it too. A headache is anyone’s guess, they are often part of both.

The Fibromyalgia is to blame for the body pain and that was considerable.  During the very worst day, I can honestly say I couldn’t imagine dealing with worse pain. It felt like several of the bones in my body were broken. I kid you not!

Managing the Symptoms

It all started on Monday, at that point I had a vague sense of not feeling well. This will have been the virus kicking in. I can say that I didn’t have a very good night but then as any Fibro sufferer will know- what is a good night?

On Tuesday I was about to leave for work when I worried if I would make it. I literally stood holding onto the bannister wondering what to do next but the feeling eased a bit so I set off.  During the morning it is safe to say that things went downhill. By the middle of the day, functioning was becoming difficult. I ended up coming home from work and this is something I hate doing. My personal mantra is “I will live with Fibromyalgia and not be ruled by it” Naturally when the Fibro takes control of me I am not happy.

On Wednesday I had the very worst day as I mentioned earlier. Pretty much life didn’t happen, my favourite word productivity went out of the window and the nearest thing to an achievement involved a date with catch-up TV.  The remote control felt ridiculously heavy and when I had to use my mobile phone I needed to prop my arm up to hold it.

Thursday began little better than Wednesday. The pain had maybe reduced by 1 on the scale of one to ten. I watched a film in the morning, something I would never do when well. My body seemed to appreciate a couple of days of proper rest. Typically with Fibromyalgia, this doesn’t pay forward. In the same way, as sleep is non-restorative having complete rest does not make the next day any easier.

Recovery and time to get Creative

By Thursday evening I was somewhat on the mend and I made it to the craft desk. Today is Mum and Dad’s Wedding Anniversary so I needed to do a bit of work on their card. The front had quite a simple design featuring one of John Bloodworth “The Gentleman Crafter”‘s Didi Doily Designs. It is the first time I have used these and the results are fantastic. Luckily the ScanNCut CM700ir?t=livicreawithf 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B0183OTUSM
did all the hard work for me. I was certainly not feeling well enough for anything strenuous.  The Gemini Global Version Machine, Whiteir?t=livicreawithf 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B01CX8R8TC is responsible for embossing the Lattice design. You can find the embossing folder here: Heart Lattice A4 Embossing Folder Crafts-Too CTA4016ir?t=livicreawithf 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B00CBEKA9Y

Living Creatively with Fibro | Parents Anniversary card front

The inside of the card was designed using Serif Craft Artist. I love this software it is so easy to use.

I used the Daisytrail Botanical Garden Digikit which is so pretty, Daisytrail has unfortunately closed now. Here is my finished result.

Living Creatively with Fibro | Parents Anniversary card Insert

On Friday I managed to go to work which was great. I was not fully recovered and in fact, I am still not fully recovered now but I am much improved.

I hope you have all had a better week than the majority of mine.

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