It is my job to talk about living with someone with Fibro but first of all, let me set the scene. Things have changed a lot in the last 18 months, for me and Susan, when I first met Susan, she was not diagnosed with Fibro and we lead a normal life for roughly 2 years. I met Susan in November 2013, she was healthy and had such an outgoing personality, her many interests kept her busy when we were not spending time together as a couple these included singing in the church choir, doing panto with the church stage group. Genealogy and crafting were also things she would do in her spare time.

The first year

In the first year together as a couple, we would do things together at the weekend like going for a walk at Roundhay Park in Leeds or going to a crafts fair just simply spending time together out of the house enjoying the outdoors as the weather permitted. I proposed to Susan on 8th April 2014 at one of our favourite spots within Roundhay Park overlooking the small waterfall in the woods there.

In the autumn of 2014, we went on our first real holiday together, we spent ten days in one of the most beautiful parts of England, and Cornwall was our destination. This holiday was a camping holiday at a site in Penhale.

Living Creatively with Fibro | Cornwall Holiday
We did many walks and visited 4 English heritage sites. The first one was Tintagel Castle now if anyone has been they will know what a journey it to get to the castle from the town, it is only 0.5 miles but it is steep and when you get to the bottom that’s where the fun begins there are over 100 steps up to the courtyard. As I say this was before Susan had any symptoms of Fibro and we both enjoyed the walk and the climb so that we could explore the ruins of Tintagel and see the wonderful views up there. I think back now and realise how lucky we were able to have done this together before Susan’s symptoms hit her, as at the present there would be no way Susan would be able to complete the journey today.

The 2nd and 3rd sites were St Mawes and Pendennis Castles both sites again involved a lot of walking and climbing steps. Again it was well worth the walk and doing the steps. The 4th Site Restormel Castle was a smaller affair but again the site included a lot of walking.

While holidaying in Cornwall we also took the time to do some genealogy to help fill in some gaps in Susan’s family tree, we visited churches in Lansallos and Lanteglos by Fowey. This proved fruitful and we managed to get information on more than a dozen family members, this involved more walking and negotiating uneven ground around hundred-year-old graves. We had plans to continue visiting churches and graveyards to do further research on both sides of our family trees but due to Fibro, this has been put on the back burner.

The next stage of life and living with someone with Fibro

On returning from holiday, life continued as normal pre-fibro, we went for a walk most weekends socialised with family and friends and enjoyed a normal social life as a couple. I will soon be talking about the next stage of our journey transitioning from fit to Fibro from my perspective as Susan’s husband. You can read Susan’s post about some of her experiences here. Until next time,

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