First quick impression

This stamp set is so sweet. It came with a pack of papers too. I’m unsure why I never used it sooner. As mentioned in last weeks post I will be testing a mixture of recent and older free magazine gifts as I work on my massive craft clear out and declutter. This week when I blindly reached into the draw this is what came out. Let’s put it to the test and see how it does.

Lily Rose Stamp Set
Lily Rose Stamped

Stamping the Images

As always I stamped the images using my Tim Holtz Stamping Platform. If you do not have a stamping platform and you have any sort of dexterity problems with your hands (or hand/eye coordination issues) I would completely recommend getting one, to be honest, any stamping platform will do. Although they each have different features they all have the same principle. They allow you to stamp down the image then re-ink and stamp again ensuring that you are stamping in exactly the same space. So if a section of the image did not stamp properly you can go back and rectify this. To be honest I had hundreds of stamps that I hardly used before I got the platform because they always looked wonderful when advertised but I couldn’t stamp very well. That problem is now fixed. If the image doesn’t stamp properly after a few goes I now know it is the fault of the stamp not the stamper anymore. You can find out more about the Stamping Platform in this post.

These images stamped well. I just had to re-ink once and concentrate upon a few of the more elaborate sections. But I was very happy with the finished result. Although I was just concentrating upon the stamping test when I looked at the results I really liked the layout and decided to follow this through and colour the image in.

Lily Rose Stamped and Coloured

Colouring the Image

When it came to colour the image I decided that I wanted a soft look so rather than pens I used my oil blend pencils from Spectrum Noir, you can see the range here. I looked at the papers that came with the stamp set and chose colours for the image that would match well with the papers. I was really happy with how the coloured image turned out. Colouring it in ticked the Mindfulness box, I had to concentrate because I didn’t want to spoil it. Due to my current Fibromyalgia Flare-up, it took me a lot longer to colour than I imagined though hence the post going out a day late.

Completing the Card

Once the image was coloured I added a layer of pink mirror card to it and also matted the backing papers with the same pink mirror card and added them to an 8″ x 8″ card blank. To complete the card I added 6 pink diamante gems and a yellow gingham bow. You can see the card below.

Lily Rose Card

The Verdict

I really like this stamp set, all the elements work so well together but equally could be mixed with other sets for different occasions. The quality is good, some of the best free gift stamps I have used so far in these reviews. I really enjoyed colouring the image it was very calming, exactly what I need when dealing with a Fibro Flare-up and the Depression and Anxiety I am currently juggling. There is something so innocent about the scene.

This stamp set and the remaining papers have totally made their way into my Evernote directory and my remaining craft stash.

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