First quick impression

What can I say this is Hunkydory! Let’s face it, it’s impossible to make a bad card with Hunkydory products. I can only think I was short of time when this arrived because otherwise, I would have jumped straight in there and used it. The toppers are made of the usual GSM as the products you buy. There is nothing about this kit to suggest it came as a free gift other than the actual label that literally says so.

Popping the Toppers

I’m going to let you into a secret, Hunkydory products come pretty much ready to use. When I first started crafting “toppers”  (for non-crafters they are focal images and sentiments that are on separate layers fastened above the backing paper) needed to be cut out by hand. Some papercraft kits still do this. Hunkydory is one of the companies that realised that many crafters wished to crack on with doing the enjoyable job of designing cards rather than spending time with a pair of scissors in their hands.  Please don’t get me wrong I am well aware that there are crafters who very much enjoy this part and all credit to them for having the patience and perseverance.  As a crafter with Fibro and Arthritis is my hands I am very grateful though. So to get the images ready to use I literally had to pop them out of the backing sheets as they were just held by tiny lugs!

Creating the Cards

Yes, that is right, cards in the plural, as there was very little preparation time involved I have made two cards in the time I allow myself for testing. Both cards have been designed using the Windy Day topper sheet.

Cards 1

This card was made with an A5 card blank (in case you are interested I tend to use Crafts UK card blanks unless I mention otherwise) I used my Cutterpillar to cut the backing paper to 14″ x 20″ and then the gold mirror card to 14.5″ x 20.5″. The backing paper was fastened to the gold mat layer and the gold to the card blank. The two small embellishment images and the “tails” were fastened down with Collall Multipurpose glue. The main focus image and the main sentiment were attached with adhesive pads so that they stand proud of the card and all bar creating an insert in Serif which I will do later is that.
Floral Breeze Windy Day 1

Card 2

The second card was made with a 7″ x 7″ card blank The backing paper was cut to 15.5cm x 15.5cm and a piece of pink satin finish mirror board was cut to 16.5cm x 16.5cm. Again the backing paper was layered and matted to the mirror board and this was fastened to the card blank all with Collall All Purpose Glue. The heart sentiment was fastened with Collall and the focal image and the main sentiment were fastened with foam pads, again to give them some lift. Finally, I used my Stix2 layer perfect to decide the positioning of the crystal gems and used a retractable pencil extended well beyond where it should be to reach through the holes and draw dots. A pale pink crystal sticker was placed on each of these dots. Here is the second card.
Floral Breeze Windy Day 2
Well, that is all for today, I need to get back to playing with this card kit. The good for a craft hoarder but bad for someone on a very restricted budget is that there is not really any decision to me made as to whether to keep the kit or not. Unlike stamps, embossing folders and dies the papercraft kits and used and then gone, I think these will be used and gone in not very many more hours.  🙂 If you are new here you may want to check out my craft testing category or maybe find out about my big craft declutter project.

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