First quick impression

I really like fairies and the pack looks attractive. The four papers that came with the set have a wide range of colours from pastels to quite deep, the lighter ones grabbed my attention the darker ones not so much. The embossing folder looks to be useful providing a floral frame. The different fairy poses gives you the chance to create differing moods.

Stamping the Images

As my regular readers will know I pretty much always use my Tim Holtz Stamping Platform when I am stamping. If you want to find out more about the platform,  you can see my post here. If you want to get your hands on one I recommend you check out Amazon.

I have found the platform has enabled me to start using my stamps again when I pretty much had given up on them. If you have tried stamping and found you were getting partial images at times a stamping platform will help know end. As I have previously mentioned I find using a brayer roller on top  is even more effective because I sometimes find it difficult pressing all over the platform lid when my fingers are painful.

The Fairies of Spring Stamping Verdict

The first fairy stamped really nicely. The lines were clean and I could easily see what I needed to do to colour the image. The second fairy I found harder, either my stamp was not as good quality or the drawing was not as clear, have a look at it and see what you think?  The third one was similar to the second.

Colouring the Fairies of Spring Images

I decided to use alcohol markers to colour the images as the lines on some were not defined enough to risk using coloured pencils (for me anyway) I used a mixture of my Spectrum Noir System Pens and the newer Illustrator ones where the colour I wanted wasn’t available in the system. I slowly collected the whole collection of the Spectrum Noir markers when they were first launched with square barrels. I am now finding that these ones are fading fast so when I get the chance I am replacing them with the newer hexagonal barreled ones. These are so much better to hold and grip and the ink seems to last a lot longer too. I talked in great detail about colouring in this post about Colouring Pens and Pencils on the market if you are interested. As before the best place to find out about the Spectrum range is Crafter’s Companion, you can sometimes snag a deal on Amazon or Ebay too!

In general, I was quite happy with how the images turned out considering I was not very confident with two of the stamped images.

Creating  cards

Well, it would be a shame to waste the coloured images so I decided to create three quick cards. When I’m in a Flare-up quick is the order of the day as I can’t do an awful lot before I flag. Here is the first card I made.
Fairies of Spring Card 1

On Safe Ground

This card was “business as usual” it is quite a comfortable style for me. I wrote the sentiment in Serif Craft Artist if you have got some basic computer skills (you can use office software etc) and you are creative all I can say is get it! One little bit of text is not the best illustration of its abilities but head over to their Youtube channel and you will see what I am talking about. A simple sentiment can, of course, be created in word processor package…

I wanted to reduce the stark whiteness of the main image and sentiment so I used my Inkylicious Ink Duster with some ‘Old Paper’ Distress Ink to soften the look.

I used some Hunkydory Adorable Scorable cardstock to create mats for the image, sentiment and background paper in a bright pink that matched well with the ink colour.

The background paper is one of the ones provided with the stamp set. The finishing touches are the four floral bling which I believe I got from Hobbycraft. I fastened them on with my glue gun, there is a bit of a story to tell regarding the glue gun but I’ll save that for another time.

Fairies of Spring Card 2

Not so sure about this one

Onto the second card. I slightly aged the paper with the distress ink like I did with the first. This time I used some turquoise mirror card for the mat layers. The background is again from the set that came with the stamps as is the paper used for the border. I’m just not sure maybe if I had added a mirror card mat layer to the border strip too… thoughts, please…
Fairies of Spring Card 3

Glitter and Grunge

I think this would be the title for the third card if I was to give it one. I can’t remember where the background paper came from, it is hard to see on the image but the white swirly pattern had a sparkly glitter finish. The mat layer was this time done with some matt brown cardstock to match the distressed look.

The pink polka dot paper was embossed with the embossing folder that came with the set. I found though because of the polka dots and slightly ribbed effect the embossing couldn’t be seen so I decided to use a ‘Mowed Lawn’ Distress ink, this time with a blending tool. The embossing on the right of the image is not as raised as the left-hand side so when I went over it with the distress ink some went on the paper that wasn’t embossed so I decided that I needed to add more to make this into a feature – hence the glitter and grunge.

The featured image was again brushed with the ‘Old Paper’ Distress Ink to tone it down and then the ‘Mowed Lawn’ was used around the edges to blend it together with the frame.

What do you think? Does the grunge effect work? Is this shabby chic or just a mess?

Inserts for the cards

I always like to include inserts for my cards and I think I will be using Daisytrail Fairytale Forest digikit to design these. When I have appropriate Digi Kits this is what I prefer to do but when I have nothing suitable I tend to have a black square outline with the verse typed inside, simple and elegant works with pretty much any design.

The Verdict

As always it is the time for the verdict as to whether the kit is going to get a place in my decluttered craft stash.

The pros are the fact that I quite like the fairy design and the flower frame embossing folder is really useful.

The cons are that the embossing design is not equal throughout (I always use my Gemini machine so I know it is the folder, not the machine that has caused this), you can find out more about the Gemini in this post here. Also, the lines on a couple of the stamps are not that clear. So I think my decision has been made. Sorry Fairies of Spring but it is time for you to fly away to someone else who will love you.

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