I have been looking for some lace stamps for quite some time and was really pleased when I spotted these Dovecraft Lace Stamps. I have had other Dovecraft products before that have all been great quality so didn’t think twice about buying these.

As happens in Fibro land I didn’t get a chance to try them out for a couple of weeks due to flare-ups etc. but today the chance came and I had the chance to play and I have to tell you this is not a tale with a happy ending.

Here is my first page:

Living Creatively with Fibro | Lace Stamps

So to talk you through my attempts:

Number 1 is the stamp mounted on a thin acrylic block straight out of the packet, as you can see there are several patches missing.

Number 2 was stamped after “seasoning” the stamp by going over the surface with an eraser to help the ink to stick. To be honest I can’t see much difference – can you?

Number 3 features the other lace strip this time it was seasoned before first use, once again a poor result.

Number 4 was taken after mounting the first stamp on a rock-a-block, this made a bit of an improvement but there are still patches missing.

Number 5 is the second lace strip on the rock-a-block this made a very slight difference but far from usable.

Number 6 & 7 is the shorter lace element seasoned and stamped first with the acrylic block them the rock-a-block.

Next, I tested the round stamp:

Living Creatively with Fibro | Round Lace Stamps

Just as before I pre-seasoned the stamp before I started then stamped it first with a thin acrylic block (8) followed by a rock-a-block (9) again the rock-a-block improved the image but it was still not a clean, complete print.

I would love to hear from anyone who has used these stamps and achieved great results as I have to confess if I still had the receipt I would be returning them for a refund. We have a policy that we keep receipts for items over £20 (unless it is a gift), of course, these days we do the majority of shopping online so receipts are not usually an issue. Roll on the future when shops are widely able to send a digital receipt!

Gentle crafty hugs to all who need them,


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