If you have been reading the blog for a while, you may remember, in September I was sent a Sleep Mask from Bedtime Bliss. I have now been lucky enough to be sent a Travel Pillow from Bedtime Bliss via Amazon to try out as well, and I thought I would use this post to share my findings with you. Of course, these pillows are ideal for travelling, but I have no immediate plans to go anywhere so instead I thought I would ask myself the question: Do you need to travel to benefit from the Bedtime Bliss Travel Pillow? Read on, and you will see my findings.

So describe the Bedtime Bliss Travel Pillow

The pillow comes packed in a box as you can see in the featured blog post image. Inside this box, the pillow sits in a velour bag which is the same shade of grey as the pillow, the bag has purple drawstring ties. I have to be honest I would love it if the colours were the other way around, the bag and the pillow purple with a grey cord but that’s just my taste, and I can certainly see the reasoning in making the product in a neutral shade. Note to self Susan you can’t paint the whole world purple and pink and you wouldn’t like it if you did! Living Creatively with Fibro | The pouch that the Bedtime Bliss Travel Pillow comes in it is grey with a purple cord To inflate the pillow, you squeeze the built-in pump tool, and it goes up. The instructions suggest using a thumb and finger but due to the Fibro I found it easier to use both thumbs at once, but it wasn’t difficult and didn’t take long at all to do. When you have finished with the travel Pillow, you just open the valve and press down, and it goes down very quickly and packs away in the bag easily.
Living Creatively with Fibro | Using the Bedtime Bliss Travel Pillow sat at the desk

Bedtime Bliss at the Desk

The first place I tried using the pillow was sitting at my desk. Anyone who writes regularly will know that between the writing you have all those thoughtful pauses when deciding what direction to go in. The pillow made a considerable difference during those times. In December I was fortunate to get a new desk chair that has a taller back, my previous chair came up to my shoulders. This taller back made things more manageable, but the Travel Pillow added considerably more comfort to these thoughtful moments, the velour coating played a big part by adding softness as well as support. My best advice is while you are sitting forward and working slip it off because when your neck is the only support for the pillow the weight of it is slightly noticeable and I feel if I had left it on much longer I would have got a headache. When I slip it off, I let it sit just behind my shoulders where it adds support killing two birds with one stone. When I need to lean back and take a pause, it is no bother to slip it back around my neck and more than worth the effort.
Living Creatively with Fibro | relaxing on the Sofa with the Bedtime Bliss Travel Pillow

Bedtime Bliss Relaxing on the Sofa

When it came time to take a proper break and head to the sofa there was no question of leaving the Bedtime Bliss Travel Pillow Behind. It was even more comfortable sitting on the couch if I had been sleepy I know I could quickly have fallen asleep with this pillow to cushion me. As well as the soft coating there is one aspect of the pillow I have yet to explain, and that is the head support. Unlike other inflatable neck pillows, I have owned in years gone by the Bedtime Bliss one has not just the much plusher covering but also an additional section that moulds itself around your neck. You can see it in the image below.
Living Creatively with Fibro | The Bedtime Bliss Travel Pillow lying on the sofa at an angle so that you can see the head support section.

Are there any Negatives?

Well, this is not exactly a negative of the pillow because they do not claim you can use it for this purpose but I did try using it lying in bed, and for me, it was not very comfortable used that way. I only include this because I like to be thorough when evaluating products and sometimes you can find additional benefits as I did when I popped it behind my shoulders while I was working. I have only had this product for a short period and I am well aware that some products stand the test of time and others can deteriorate quickly. Here and now though I sincerely have nothing but praise for the Bedtime Bliss Travel Pillow. I will also be adding a review to the Amazon website once this post has gone live. If over the coming months my opinion changes in any way I will update both this post and my Amazon Review to say as much.  There is nothing I hate more than seeing a page full of positive reviews that are written several months before, only to discover the author has not taken the time to update their handiwork if the product later fails. It stands to reason that I would not, therefore, do this to you, my loyal readers.

If you are looking to purchase a handy inflatable pillow for travel or otherwise, I hope you would consider the Bedtime Bliss.

Next Friday I will be back with a more traditional Fibromyalgia Blog Post if you are new here you can see a selection of my latest posts here.

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