For a long time now two things have been happening, the first was when I have given someone one of my greetings cards someone has said “You should sell them”, the second was me thinking about the amount of money I spend on craft materials (when we need to save for a deposit). The result of these two has combined into me taking actual steps to do something about this rather than just thinking about it so I have created My Inventory. 

Of course, I would not be able to think about selling cards without having a stock of them so I have been building up a bit of a stock. I have finally got to the position of putting it onto paper, so yesterday I created a spreadsheet and began entering all my cards onto it and remarkably only halfway through the process I found I had just a few pence short of £100 in stock. This is based on selling the cards for a suitable price for their value naturally, I am aware that the price they sell for will depend on where I am selling them and what people are prepared to pay. Even allowing for the possibility of running some 50% off sales I will still have made a profit which will allow the card making to fund itself in the future.

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I hope if, like me, you have a stash of cards and struggle to keep up with the costs of this (can be) expensive hobby you are able to find a way of making it pay for itself. I will keep you up to date with my next steps be they online sales or considering ways of selling them on stalls. This is the hardest part for me based on the fact I don’t usually go out unless it is for work… If you are new here I have the added challenge of balancing my crafty life with dealing with Fibromyalgia and I have written various thoughts about that in other posts.

I hope this has been helpful and maybe inspired you to see your sales potential, now back to stock taking.

Warm hugs,

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