Since Fibromyalgia has entered my life I have naturally had to make a lot of changes. Some of the changes have been less obvious though. You may remember that a few weeks ago I talked about the fact that I have had to ensure I am wearing soft fabrics these days because anything vaguely rough can range from uncomfortable to painful. Another recent change I have noticed is that my skincare products were no longer providing the care they once were, on top of that my skin has started to behave differently. Let me explain in a bit more detail.

Skincare in the early days

I’ll be honest for the first thirty years of my life, well the ones once I was old enough to make decision and purchases, I had no brand loyalty. If you read my Crafting posts you may already be aware I am a bit easily led by some good advertising and yes, I’ll also be honest that the appearance of the packaging matters. I like pretty things. Throughout this time I had a Clean and Clear phase then a Neutrogena phase. I think I started using Anne French for a while because a friend did and I hoped to get skin that looked like hers, please tell me I’m not alone thinking like that… I had financially drier phases when I grabbed the cheapest thing from the supermarket and then times when I pushed the boat out and tried Clinique. You get the picture…

Brand Loyalty

About 8 years ago I decided that I really wanted to have a proper routine and use a product range from one company and settled on Nivea and there I stayed until about 6 months ago. Not only was I loyal to the brand but also to certain products within it. I was happy and my face was happy until suddenly it wasn’t. The moisturiser started to feel oily especially when used after cleansing lotion, things were a little easier after the wash-off cleanser. The only real change in my skin I detected at that point was the moisture level due to the constant problem of sweating so much at night. Not moisture as in oiliness but literally how wet my face was getting and so I thought I would look for a change.

Not Advertising but Personal Recommendation

Whilst looking at different possibilities the Boots Essential Cucumber range came to my attention and reading one of the reviews someone was saying they were the best products she has ever used, to the point that when she moved to the USA she got anyone who was coming to Britain to bring her some back – wow that is some recommendation so I went and got some. Not one item mind, that is not how I operate, one of each of the items in the range (lucky they are just £1 each) some of the products were fine and others not at all. The Micellar Water actually made my face sting. I have never had sensitive skin I have been pretty much a standard normal and occasionally combination for years.

Increasingly Sensitive

My face has become increasingly sensitive in recent months to the point I have had some small red blotches and tiny rashes and hair follicles that could sting for no apparent reason and I really wasn’t sure what to do about it. So I turned to my old friend advertising, not the TV sort I fast forward those (except Christmas ones) and I came across Simple. Don’t get me wrong I have seen the products before but I really looked at them properly. Having read they are made with Essential Oils that was a big plus because I know how invaluable Essential Oils are for me when it comes to treating pain. I talked about that in detail in this post.  I did something very sensible for me and bought just one product and I am not exaggerating when I say I noticed a difference after one use.

Simple Skincare has saved face

A little bit random but you know that feeling when you get a new car and suddenly you are aware of all the others of the same model that you see on the roads. It was just like that for skincare for me. Once I had “discovered” Simple it was everywhere, my favourite Beauty YouTuber talked about having used it for years and I kept seeing adverts everywhere lol. I am happy to say that after that first product I have bought several more and they have all had that wonderfully calming effect on my skin. Even the Toner left my skin feeling clean without any stinging. I confess I have yet to get any of their Micellar Water after what happened with my last try at it but I do feel I could trust the Simple one to be kind to my skin, sorry did I just quote the advert…
Living with Fibro I can make my skin feel better

Grabbing a Bargain

I have bought some of my Simple products from Superdrug because they have a really good range including some of the newest products in the range. Also, with a Beautycard, you get free postage and I don’t get out very much! However, if you want to grab a really good bargain Wilko seem to always have an offer on the Simple Products whenever I look, why not pop to Wilko if you are interested and see if they have a great bargain on now.

A small change has made a big difference

Since I began using the Simple products I have noticed a big change in myself. I think it is fair to say I had almost stopped looking after myself, other than medically of course. But now my skin feels so much nicer I am taking a much bigger interest in how it looks and have even become more confident with my appearance. You may have noticed in the last couple of weeks I have started adding my own photo into my blog post image which has been a very rare thing. From this simple change in my skincare products and thinking about how low I was feeling before it has really hit me how low you can become if you are not feeling good in your own skin, especially if you are not really getting out either. (I went out today for the first time in eleven days, but I have been dealing with a mini flare-up in this time) Although it is fairly rare for me to feel depressed these days about my Fibromyalgia because of my crafting, my W.O.W. and other distractions I think I have maybe been feeling a bit low about myself. That is why I have challenged myself to via this blog to maybe get a little bit more creative with myself. It is easy to feel because I am not going out why bother what I look like, well I may not be physically leaving the house but I can go out virtually and share with you on social media my day’s creation. Let me put this another way if the engine of a  wonderful car is totally beyond repair (and can’t be replaced) would you send it to a scrap yard or polish it up and put it on display to be appreciated? Once again I am coming back to the true purpose of my blog living my creative blog despite Fibromyalgia!

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