You know that feeling when you have had a declutter and got rid of something and then sometime later really regretted it? That nearly happened to me! In December 2015 I got my Brother ScanNCut and from that moment on the Silhouette Cameo was pushed to the back of my desk and to be honest pretty much ignored. As a crafter, I love my ScanNCut and use it pretty regularly. It is great for cutting out stamped designs as I showed you in Wednesday’s post, you can even cut out a slightly larger exact shape to create a mat layer. Of course, this is just the basics of what you can do. There are numerous USB’s of amazing intricate 3D projects available and countless freely available SVG files all over the internet.  But this post isn’t about giving you an introduction to the machine and what it can do but rather what it can’t do and why I am so relieved I kept my Cameo.

The Arrival of the Happy Planner

As any regular readers will know back in August I got a Happy Planner which I absolutely love and I have fallen in love with the whole planning vibe. I have spent ages scouring the internet for free sticker kits and I have also used Etsy to buy the odd set as well. Here is a couple of the layouts I have created:
Happy Planner Week 33
Happy Planner Week 35
This week I enjoyed making a bit of a feature of Autumn with this kit I found by CDBPlanner Prints:
Happy Planner Week 36
So much fun. You may have noticed in amongst the standard stickers I have been using my own tracking things like my addiction, sorry we’ve talked about that, my Healthy Excessive Enthusiasm for playing WOW. Believe me, it has got me through some unpleasant times. Unlike the previous two spreads, you may have noticed a lack of any stickers to do with my blog in this week and that is because I have got myself another Happy Planner, this time the large size and it is just for my blog and craft work. There is not much in it yet but here is a quick peek of it with some basic stickers I have designed:
Large Happy Planner Wek 36
You may have noticed the two little pockets in there which I made easily from some cardstock, washi tape and my Happy Planner Punch. These are great for keeping the main stickers in which I will be using regularly.

So why do I need the Silhouette Cameo & Brother ScanNCut

If you have not already twigged the reason I need my Cameo is that I can begin designing all sorts of beautiful stickers to use in my planner and maybe even sell in the future. This all comes down to the magic fill setting on the Cameo software that lets you choose a pattern and then save any of your own patterns in it. In comparison, the ScanNCut only gives you the choice of solid colours. I will point out that I could have used Photoshop or Craft Artist to design the stickers and then used the ScanNCut to cut them out but if you are using patterns that do not have obvious edges this is not always easy. The Silhouette Software is a dream to use as it allows me to state from the beginning where the cut edges are going to be and the recent upgrade to edition 4 of the software is even easier to use I think. Not only has my Silhouette Cameo become of importance to me again but we are fairly shortly, I hope, going to be upgrading my Silhouette Cameo 1 to the latest Silhouette Cameo 3. As this is a more sturdy design it may need its own trolley. Living Creatively with Fibro | My cutting machines At the moment I am actually using it on top of the ScanNCut and just lifting it off when I need to use the bottom machine and yes even with the Fibro I can lift this one quite easily which I won’t be able to do with the 3 (the torches are sat there as a temporary solution to give the Cameo more light, I need to sort out a lamp long term) I haven’t even mentioned yet that the 3 has an autoblade to change the depth of the blade at different sections of the cut as well as a double stylus to hold the autoblade in one slot and a pen in the other. When I upgrade I’m going to have some fun.
So, I am a crafter who loves the Brother ScanNCut and a planner who’s crazy about the Silhouette Cameo. Do you have one of these machines and if so what do you love about them. Or like me are you lucky enough to have both and if so which machine do you use for what jobs? Please drop a comment below or let me know on any of my social media channels.

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