Recovering from busywork

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One of the things I talk about regularly is pacing yourself and this is something I try very hard to do. Sometimes though there are things you have to do and allow yourself the time afterwards to recover.

This is one of those times. As you may be aware I have moved this content from the previous place it was hosted to here. I think there may have been a way to transfer it but it was a little bit too technical for me, so I ended up copying and pasting each piece. I was so glad when I did because it looked beautiful.

The process was quite stressful though and the next day I gave myself a relaxing morning away from the computer. The stress level went up when in the late afternoon I came to see if any of my original subscribers had signed up to the new location and found the site was offline with a page of code written where I expected to see my website.

It was time to send a help message to my web host and at the same time reach out to the software users on Reddit to see if anyone knew what the problem was. Of course, you won’t see any of this until the site is up and running again…

Time for a sheepish face. It seems when I was setting things up I followed a guide and made some changes that I didn’t need to. Following advice from the WebHost I have removed the code I added and we are back in action. Every day is a learning day. Thirty minutes of diamond painting should restore my calm.

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