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My main one-stop-shop

Amazon is my main one-stop-shop; I have Prime Membership which means I can have next day delivery, this is invaluable when you live with Fibro Fog!


Tesco is our main supermarket of choice we use their delivery saver’s plan which is impressive, £6 a month which is less than our weekly Saturday slot which would be £7 alone! If you have not considered online grocery shopping, I can’t speak about it highly enough. Big benefits include:

  • Saving plenty of spoons shopping from the comfort of your computer (or mobile device on bad days)
  • If they do not have the specific item you ordered, they send an upgraded one for the same price.
  • It is easier to stay on track if you are eating healthily, no distracting isles to tempt you.
  • They save your regular items for you, which makes reordering a doddle.

Readly As part of my decluttering and minimising I am swapping paper-based magazines for digital ones on my iPad. They have an astonishing range all for the cost of two magazines a month. Michael and I each have separate favourite choices within one account. Great for the planet and a fantastic way to have half of the newsagents at your fingertips!

Buy Subscriptions** if you are looking to purchase the paper-based craft magazines due to the gifts they provide (or any other magazines) this is the best value you will find.

Simply Be** is where I do most of my clothes shopping I believe in their #WeAreCurves campaign, and they do a good range of spoonies clothing, i.e. PJ’s.

eBay** is my port of call if Amazon doesn’t have something, or I am looking to grab a second-hand bargain. Not to mention the fact I often use it to sell items why not follow me especially if you are a crafter you may grab a bargain.

Ikea  Again I have no affiliate link with them, but I could happily build a home with their product, or just move in ?

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Create and Craft is where I see the launch of all the goodies on TV. Let’s say I’m in the Diamond Club and if you can afford to bulk-buy items, you can get fantastic savings, not to mention they have interest free flexi pay over a period of up to 4 months, the only way I have been able to get a few more expensive items. My top picks are the ScanNCut and anything by Hunkydory

Craftstash** is a great website for grabbing crafty bargains, they even have a price guarantee!

Crafter’s Companion** has a wide range of craft products and they are the UK Home of Spectrum Noir products, their Gemini machine is one of my must have recommendations.

Crafts U Print* is worth checking out if you are looking to get into digital crafting, they have an astonishing catalogue of many crafting resources with some low prices. If you are considering selling your designs on the site and you want to join the community as a designer I would appreciate you using the code SUSP3439VF!

Cass Art** is a great place to go if you are looking to cross the line from crafter to Artist they have a great range of everything you may need, and they focus on selling the best quality products for the best prices.

Digital Scrapbooking If you are interested in scrapbooking or digital card design they are fabulous.

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Apple is my preference for technology items, I have a Mac Mini, iPad and iPhone and they work together like a dream.

SetApp if you have a Mac, you might want to check out SetApp, basically it is Netflix for Apps!

Evernote* is my digital filing cabinet, I have the Premium account and I swear by it. I use Apple Notes for transient information much as you may use a post-it note.

Obsidian I used Obsidian to record information and manage my life.

Ulysses is a beautiful clean writing application, I use it to write my blog posts before exporting them to WordPress.

Scrivener is a great tool for serious writers, I am hoping to use it to take the first steps to writing a novel!

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Krystal ** is my web-hosting company. I have previously used four different companies but have found them to be the best combinations of features and affordability for WordPress. (Use CREATIVEFIBRO at the checkout for a £10 discount.

WordPress if you want everyone to take your blog seriously build it with a tool like WordPress. There are countless plugins to enable you to create exactly the content you want.

Elegant Themes provides my theme. I use the Divi Theme and the complimentary plugins, Monarch and Bloom. I am barely scratching the surface of what the DIVI builder can do!

My short form blog platform is Ghost, it is perfect for simple blogs. I host it with Digital Press 

Affinity provides the creative tools I use. I have used Photo and Designer for a while and have recently purchased Publisher.

Davinci Resolve I have recently switched to Da Vinci Resolve for editing videos an astonishing piece of software that is free.

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