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The one-stop place to find all of my recommended Products. It includes brands and services as well as products. I try to update this when possible, but now include a couple of inserts. These are updated on the go as my thoughts change.

My main one-stop-shops


Amazon* is my main one-stop-shop; I have Prime Membership which means I can have next day delivery, this is invaluable when you live with Fibro Fog!


Tesco is our main supermarket of choice we use their delivery saver’s plan which is impressive, £8 a month which is less than our weekly Saturday slot which would be £9 alone! If you have not considered online grocery shopping, I can’t speak about it highly enough. Big benefits include:

Morrisons is the closest supermarket to us, so sometimes we pop there, for me this is classed as having a day out!


Readly As part of my decluttering and minimising, I swapped paper-based magazines for digital ones on my iPad. They have an astonishing range, all for the cost of less than two paper magazines a month. Michael and I each have separate favourite choices within one account. Great for the planet and a fantastic way to have half of the newsagents at your fingertips!

Simply Be is where I do most of my clothes shopping I believe in their #WeAreCurves campaign, and they do a good range of spoonies clothing, i.e. PJ’s.

Ikea is another shop I have no affiliate link with, but I could happily build a home with their product, or just move in ?


There are various places I get my creativity products through, the list of course includes Amazon too. At times, I have used Create and Craft, thankfully when I updated my ScanNCut they used Open Pay and allowed the purchase to be split over ten months. This timescale seems to have disappeared now, though. Craftstash is a great value shop, and Creative Fabrica* is my first port of call for digital creative assets.


My current Genealogy resources:


My current tech stack:


Krystal * is my web-hosting company. I have previously used four different companies and run into issues, but have found them to be the best combinations of features and affordability for WordPress. They are UK based if you are in the UK and thinking of starting a blog or website, Use CREATIVEFIBRO at the checkout for a £10 discount.

My current blogging tools

*The asterisked entries are affiliate links. You can find out more about them on the Disclosure Policy page.