Preparing to Move House

Preparing to move house title image with a photo of the front of a house.

If you read my last post, Village life beckons us, you know that we are preparing to move house. Technically, the estate agent has not confirmed it yet. Although logic dictates that there is no reason we should not pass the checks. As we are on holiday, the week before the move (our first holiday in four years!) We only have two weeks to prepare to move house.

Starting to pack

We started by going through our DVD collection and deciding what to pack and what to let go. The plan is to have a Kallax unit under the TV in the new house. I only want two or three cubes to have DVDs in them. Baring in mind we have Prime Video, Netflix and Virgin Media (at the new house it will be Sky because of availability). We realised that (except for the Christmas Films) we rarely watch any of our DVDs. As a result, we are getting rid of three quarters or more of the collection.

How much do we really need?

As we moved on to the book collection, a similar logic struck us. We both read novels on our Kindles. Also, a lot of the reference books I have had for many years are now obsolete thanks to the internet. As we continue through the two bookcases it looks like, we will keep less than a quarter of the collection.

Preparing to move makes you think

Over the previous two years I began a decluttering process, and I thought I did a good job. It is amazing the difference between “What can I get rid of?” and “What do I not want to move to a new house?” The only area I am giving a wide pass level to is my craft stash. It does not mean I won’t be reducing it, but I can do that gradually once we have moved. The beauty is I will have a designated office cum craft room. So I can take my time to go through everything properly and fit to my storage space.

Useful or Beautiful

The quote by William Morris “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” has long been of importance to me. I can’t even remember when I first heard it. However, when I look around our flat at the moment; it is amazing the amount of things I see that fit neither of these criteria! As we prepare to move house I am determined to be loyal to the quote and ideally have things in our home that are both useful and beautiful.

I’m preparing to move house!

I will do my very best to be as regular as possible with my blog posts over the next few weeks. However, please remember I am going on holiday (from the 16th to 20th September) and there may not be much WIFI and then on 21st September I am moving house and we can’t organise the Internet access until we have the 100% confirmation from the estate agent. I will do my best to maintain social media presence throughout and keep you in the loop.

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

Preparing to Move House Image featuring an image of a house and the useful and beautiful quote.

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