Welcome back! As my regular readers know I have been in a Flare-Up and my last live post was the 20th April when I talked about the changeable weather and the problems it was causing. Ultimately it could have even been the trigger for the Flare-Up? Let’s not underestimate the effects the weather has on our health when we live with a chronic health condition. Today’s post is concentrating on my post Flare-Up recovery and some changes I am making. While I have been dealing with the Fibromyalgia symptoms, I had an interesting conversation with Michael. I wondered if publishing three blog posts a week, two of which required me to done prep work for (decluttering/organising and crafting respectively) was a bit too much. Michael’s reply was: “I thought you were taking on too much, but you had to work it out for yourself.” Considering this Flare-Up came only after a week of blogging following my Easter break I think he may be right. But he was also correct in saying I had to work it out for myself. What is it with this relentless work ethic I have beaten into my head. I had to step down from my paid employment because I couldn’t be reliable due to my health. At which point I go about setting myself a demanding schedule meaning I can’t even be reliable for myself. So here is the verdict of my pondering, I have created a post Flare-Up plan:
Living Creatively with Fibro | The day themes will be staying the same but there will not be a post every week to each theme. I will, however, try to share more Instagram (maybe stories...) and Pinterest posts to help fill the gap.

Post Flare-Up Recovery Activities

As I started to feel better, it would have been so easy to throw myself back into things. If you remember the Fibro or Faker post one of the things I talked about was guilt. Although I remembered to switch my Todoist app to holiday mode, to allow for the Flare-Up, I was experiencing. (Am I allowed to be impressed with myself considering I was not well at all?). I was itching to switch it on and start building my Karma again. I decided to deal with this by telling myself I had to have two whole days feeling as well as I could before I flicked the switch. Today I flicked it, but I am ensuring I only have light tasks on the list. One of the activities I have been doing over the last couple of days is binge-watching Youtube and looking at Instagram and other social media websites – like you do. This casual research has led me amongst other things to think about what type of spoonie I am. I think a natural conclusion is that I am a lifestyle spoonie. Just for a bit of fun, I have put together this little quiz for you to try for yourself.
Living Creatively with Fibro | Post Flare-up I created this diagram to work out what type of spoonie are you, Spoonie Guru, Journalist Spoonie, Funtime Spoonie, Sassy Spoonie, Sporty Spoonie or Lifestyle spoonie

Your Type of Spoonie

Of course, as I mentioned before that was just a bit of fun, very few spoonie blogs and social media accounts are one dimensional, and everyone at least dips their toes into other areas but here are some Fibro/Spoonie blogs that loosely fall into the categories. Do you have a blog or social media account and want it adding to one of the themes? Get in touch so I can get to know you better. ?

Spoonie Gurus

Fibro Files Fibro Bloggers Directory Creator Fed Up with Fatigue Fibro News Roundup

Journalist Spoonie

Spoons & Sass

Funtime Spoonie

Fibro My Arse Ache

Sporty Spoonie

Fibro my Story M Power Wellness (Instagram)

Sassy Spoonie

Katie Cupcake Beverley Butterfly Vintage Styling (Instagram)

Lifestyle Spoonie

Being Fibro Mom Blooming Mindfulness While post Flare-Up recovering, I have been looking for blogs that fit into the different categories a few things came to mind. An awful lot of us are lifestyle bloggers, but the type of lifestyle content significantly differs so there is not very much repetition which is brilliant for our readers. Beverley has Vintage styling covered on her Instagram Feed (but this is separate to her blog Blooming Mindfulness), but unless I have missed anybody (sorry), there doesn’t seem to be a spoonie contemporary fashion blogger. If you are thinking of starting a blog and not sure what to talk about here is an idea…  

I have enjoyed bringing you this light-hearted post Flare-Up blog post; it is great to be back in the driving seat. I am still taking things reasonably easy but I will have at least one edition for you next week. It will probably be Friday again because Michael is at home on Monday because of the Bank Holiday here in the UK.  There is a possibility (health and weather permitting) that we will try to go out somewhere tomorrow so I will no doubt share a photo or two on Social Media.

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