I do not know about anyone else, but I sometimes find it takes me a couple of weeks or more to get back into papercrafting after Christmas. There is a good chance it is because of all the pre-Christmas card making. I am most certainly not bored with cardmaking, and I am looking forward to getting back into it no doubt this week, but I have enjoyed having a couple of weeks break.

Baking Muffins

I did not want to leave you without a post again so I thought I would show you the results of my baking. For those of you that follow me on social media, you will know that I made the muffin’s from Zoella’s Christmas YouTube Video last Sunday. It was something of a last-minute thing that I did not have time to write about as I felt lousy for most of the day. As for the verdict on the muffins (without the buttercream topping) they were nice once cooled. We could not resist trying one while they were still warm as many muffins are even nicer at this point, we both felt that the Black Treacle taste was too obvious though and was slightly disappointed with them. Thankfully once cooled this resolved into a tasty Gingerbread flavour. As Zoe put a buttercream topping on she would naturally have eaten them cooled and may not have tried them warm.

Baking a cake

This time I wanted to put the Kenwood MultiOne (Which is still on offer at Amazon) through its paces even more by baking a cake and whipping cream to go inside it. There is something about stand mixers that always makes me want to beat cream. I think it is all the childhood memories of being able to lick the whisk clean afterwards. Of course, the Kenwood has one large whisk instead of two small ones, so this will be a more significant task!
Kenwood KHH326WH MultiOne, 1000 W - White Amazon.co.uk Kitchen Home
This cake is the first I have baked in the mini oven. I have done muffins before, but if I have baken cupcakes I have used the separate Cupcake Maker, mine was a present a little while back, but it is the same as this one from Amazon except mine doesn’ have the cute cupcake design on top:
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Not quite the shape I was expecting

The first thing I have to say was when the cake came out of the oven it was not quite the shape I expected, and I feel sure the cracks are not supposed to be there. I am sure any of you who are experienced bakers will know for sure what the problem is, I went to the oracle and looked on Mary Berry’s website, and it seemed either the oven was too hot, or the cake was placed too high in it. Well, this is tricky, I used the same temperature as was recommended in the recipe book (and usually we need to turn things up a bit…) and I placed the shelf in the bottom rungs of the oven, so it is a mystery. Here is the evidence:

The baked cake

Saved by the decorations

Hopefully, the cake will taste fine still and that the cracks can be covered over with the cream. The hardest part was waiting for the cake to cool down so I could get on with it. I had the chance to recover my energy from the preparation stage while the cake was in the oven and as any spoonie will tell you, you need to make the most of your strength when you have it because it can quickly vanish. I took the opportunity to write the post up to this point though and eventually the cake was cool enough for me to use another new gadget I got yesterday, the cake wire to cut it. q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0753H4HGB&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=GB&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=livicreawithf 21ir?t=livicreawithf 21&l=li2&o=2&a=B0753H4HGB I decided to cut it halfway up the straight edge rather than use the domed top so naturally, I ended up with two different sized pieces. The surprise, however, was seeing the little holes in the cake. Marry Berry’s website doesn’t mention these but the best information I found was on the Good Housekeeping Website, and it could be to do with taking too long to get the cake into the oven. Well, I have Fibro, so that is not a great surprise… here is the evidence again for your amusement…
Sliced Cake

Time for Cream

The good news is I was more than happy with how the Kenwood MultiOne whipped the cream. It probably could have done it even quicker, but because I had not put the splatter guard back on, I was a bit tentative and used it on a slower setting until it started to thicken. As for adding the cream to the cake, I had every intention of rectifying the baking problems with the decoration, but I have to say that things went downhill fast. It looked a bit like a partial snowball. The plan was to fill the centre of the cake and cover the top. I then went around the edge of the middle filling the gap to make sure the cream came right to the edge. Cake shaming image three…
Cake with Cream
As you may have noticed, I was using on the Christmas Cake boards, but as we have not yet reached Candlemas, I think that is perfectly acceptable. Speaking of which for all I said we would be taking down the decorations on January 6th things didn’t work out quite as planned and they are still there. We don’t have any live evergreen though, and it is supposed to be the presence of that after the twelfth night that is unlucky. Having seen on a documentary that the decorations at Sandringham remain up until the Queen returns to London in February. As she is the head of the Church of England, I again feel justified in having ours up still!

The Cherry on top

The final stage of my cake making journey was to add some last decoration and personally whenever I have whipped cream I feel the need to add cocktail cherries, so that is what I did. If I had been happier with the overall presentation, I might have grated some chocolate on top too. But given the state of things I, to be honest, didn’t think it was worth the spoons. So here is the final image for your amusement.
A cherry on the top
I think it is fair to say that I am not likely to be making an appearance on the Great British Bake Off any time in this millennium! I hope I have provided some distraction and amusement with my culinary skills. I can not guarantee that no ingredients were harmed in the making of this culinary creation, but I can assure I will continue to practice off camera and hopefully, I will have something better to show you in the coming months. Next week regular service will be resumed, and I will be back to cardmaking at which, I hope, I am somewhat more skilled.

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