The Details

Where did it come from

Debbi Moore Designs

When did I get it

18th August 2017

When did I try it

18th August 2017

First quick impression

I was sold the minutes I saw the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis to be correct. I have never seen them in real life but am a sucker for any video, photo or picture that they picture in. I usually go for more lifelike designs rather than cute ones but these really are rather sweet so I decided to get my craft on!

Even digital craft stash needs to earn its place

This may not be a magazine free gift but it is a free gift from Debbi’s website (I think you have to be registered to get it but that is all). If I am honest my digital craft stash could do with some organising too so instead of just downloading things I am going to try them straight away. It is not that they are disorganised as such but simply I have so many products I have never used I see no point in just mindlessly adding to the stash so as well as trying out every new Cardmaking kit I down load I also need to work through what I already have. If you don’t know what I am talking about you can read my post here about shopping your stash.

Making a card

I, first of all, printed out the two sheets, the topper designs and the cardstock on Linda’s cardstock (Creative Crafting World) which I get in bulk supplies from Create and Craft. Next, it was time to cut out all the toppers, not with my ScanNCut this time but with a mixture of Craft Knife and ruler, scissors and a free-hand craft knife. It is sometimes quite therapeutic and mindful to have to concentrate on a job like this. Luckily I finished before my hands hurt! So, what size card did I make? If you are a regular reader you would be correct guessing 8″ x 8″. I cut the cardstock to 19cm x 19cm and then cut some bright blue mirror card (from Create and Craft’s bright set) to 19.5cm x 19.5cm and layered them together with a Create and Craft glue tape pen on the card blank. I then cut another piece of the mirror card 0.5cm bigger than the topper and created a matt for that too. The main image was fastened to the card with Collall All Purpose Glue. I chose two of the sentiments that would leave the card more open (rather than saying Happy Birthday or Christmas) and added a matt to them with the bright blue mirror card too. These were fastened on to the card front with sticky foam pads. The pads on the far right had an extra thin layer added to allow for the fact that the feature image stands off the card. Finally, I added some sparkle, using the Ranger Stickles (Crystal) dotted throughout the stars in the sky and then some Clear Overlay Spectrum Sparkle from Crafters Companion over the white stripes in the ice. (Sorry if this is not easy to see in the photo, at the right angle it really glistens).
Cool Cuties Completed Card

The Verdict

This is a really easy one, I am so happy with this card and I love the fact that it is a digital file so I can recreate it or make similar designs again anytime I want. So yes this card kit will be living in my brand new folder for projects I have tried out.
Gosh, I have just looked back to the last card I featured from the Debbi Moore range, over a year ago and what a long way the blog has come since then.

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