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It’s Wednesday again which can only mean it is time for some household organisation. The bad news is that I have one of my Fibro headaches, but the good news is that I am still up to bringing you a blog post. I hope you don’t consider it is cheating if I share a project I have already completed but there is no way I am up to doing any physical organisation. You may remember back in November I cleared out the wardrobe/closet well today I’m showing you what I did with my chest of drawers.

Buying Clothes

There was very little decluttering to do in my drawers as I am quite good at keeping on top of these clothes and removing them when they need to be removed. Scrap that, who am I kidding? The reality is that I hate buying clothes so I wear them until I just can’t wear them anymore and then I have to replace them. I’ll be honest buying clothes when you are a larger size is not much fun, and I don’t think I bought anything for about two years, it was when I discovered that Simply Be sold clothing in my size that I could order online that I started doing some clothes shopping again.  Of course, I tend to buy items in the sale because I’d rather spend money on craft items than clothes lol 🤣.

Organising my Clothes in Drawers

There are so many gurus out there when it comes to arranging things, and I tend to dip in and out of their methods depending on what suits each area. When it comes to my clothes drawers though, Marie Kondo‘s method for folding wins. Before I started using her methods of storing clothes I could barely fit things into my drawers because the drawers are not very big and being a more significant size my clothes are quite bulky.  I don’t stick to her method exactly but fold and similarly roll things. The most significant breakthrough I had was when I got a T-shirt folder like this one from Amazon; I use it for pyjama top and thin jumpers as well. I was first introduced to it by Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory; you can see him in action here:

The Sheldon Folder

It’s funny how people are laughing there, and yet these gadgets are so widely available now. Once I have done my “Sheldon Fold” I then fold/roll them three times so that I can file them Marie Kondo style. Here is my t-shirt and vest drawer.

T shirt and Vest Drawer

I may have one or two more t-shirts in the wash, but that is pretty much all of my collection. I have one or two t-shirts that have prints or embroidery on the front, but I prefer to hand these on the rail and just put the plain coloured ones in the drawer. One benefit of being a larger size is that I have a warmer body temperature, so I don’t have to iron clothes.

About five minutes after putting my clothes on any creases fall out. So for anyone stressing about not having enough time to do the ironing there you go you have the answer first hand from me, gain weight! I am joking; of course, I am painstakingly slowly trying to do something about mine.

Storing Pyjamas

When it comes to pyjamas, I used to keep them with the thinner pairs in one drawer, and the thicker pairs in another put over time I have discovered that it works far better for me to have the tops in one drawer and the bottoms in another. Since I started keeping them like this, it has been plain sailing. I have had no problems trying to fit anything in a drawer even when I have just done laundry, and every pair is clean. Not that they are all pairs some of them are mix and match. Here are my pyjama drawers:

Pyjama Tops
Pyjama Bottoms

The Sock Drawer

When it comes to socks I use the Marie Kondo method which gives me plenty of room, this means I probably do have more socks than I wear or need but I have started doing a controlled sort out. Saying that I am taking a pair from the front left each day to wear. These either get worn, washed and returned to the back of the drawer or tried on and discarded if I don’t like them. The only exceptions to this are things like Christmas designs and socks to use with my walking boots (that I hope one day I can use again) these are in an exclusive row at the back. Here is my sock drawer:

The Sock Drawer Filed

I enjoy buying socks because I can buy them anywhere and they will fit, so; I guess when I say I don’t like buying clothes that don’t include socks!

The smalls Drawer

I’ll be honest I very nearly wimped out of showing this drawer. I recently watched Melissa of Clean My Space fame doing a decluttering video and her other half Chad did one a while after and he mentioned it felt a bit funny having your underwear on display and Melissa had felt the same. The only reason I have included this drawer is that the Marie Kondo method does not work for big girl pants so I thought I would bravely show you how I prefer to fold mine.

Knickers 1
Knickers 3
Knickers 2
Knickers 4
Knickers 5

So I start by folding them in half, then I fold them in half again. The tapered bottom portion is folded up to make a rectangle and then this is neatly folded into thirds to be able to file them neatly. The final drawer looks like this:

Knicker Drawer Filed

I hope that by putting my underwear out there for the world to see, I have helped at least someone get to grips with organising their clothes drawers. If you have just stumbled across this post it is part of a whole organising and decluttering series. If you have been inspired to declutter and organise why not let me know on social media.

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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