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Living Creatively with Fibro | Not every symptom belongs in the Fibro basket

Not every symptom belongs in the Fibro basket

For any male readers, I think you may want to give this post a miss!! As someone who has Fibromyalgia, it is very easy to dismiss any new symptom as another Fibro problem because let’s face it this syndrome comes in many shapes and forms. If illnesses could be visualised as clothing Fibro would be a whole wardrobe!

When I last saw my Doctor for the catch-up chat I just happened to mention some changes in my monthly cycle and suddenly I am having swabs and different blood tests and being booked into for Ultrasounds. In short, not every symptom belongs in the Fibro basket and it is easy to forget that even if very similar issues do!

The Doctors Surgery

Ladies, I am sure most of you will agree that the smear test is not at the top of your list of pleasurable activities. However, we know what to expect when we get there and prepare ourselves. I had the “wonderful” experience of going for a general chat and suddenly finding myself on the examination couch. I won’t go into details but all I will say is due to angles etc this was really painful, worse than any smear test. Poor Michael was sitting in a chair at the other side of the curtain listening to me suffer. After which the Doctor said she thinks all husbands should come for smear tests! Once she had taken her swabs she booked precautionary appointments for blood tests, a more thorough check at the hospital and an Ultrasound of the pelvic area. (The thinking at the moment is PCOS or possibly early Menopause) and said she would see me again after these tests.

Worrying News

A couple of days after the swabs were taken I received a letter stating that my results were abnormal and therefore I needed to attend the out patients clinic. I knew that I had been booked in for the clinic but it was naturally a bit scary to read that the results had been abnormal. I was trying not to worry but it was naturally on my mind.

The blood tests

Yesterday, the day for the blood tests arrived. It is fair to say needles and I do not have the best of relationships, I wrote about it in the Fibromyalgia and Blood Tests post. It sounds strange but I was actually more worried about how horribly faint I was likely to feel afterwards than the actual needle. As this test was booked in at the GP surgery rather than just dropping into the Phlebotomy Clinic at the hospital opposite they did not have a proper chair for the job so the nurse thought I would be better laying down rather than sitting in a standard seat. As usual, Michael and I just started chatting having told her not to inform me when she does it and I kid you not I WAS FINE! No dizziness no nausea it was easy. Either lying rather than sitting made a big difference or I was subconsciously more worried about the further tests and the implications. After she had finished doing her admin we mentioned the letter I had received and she checked my records and said the results from the swab had come back clear. So at this point, I am a bit confused. Was I just sent a standard letter because most people who attend the clinic have had abnormal readings, has the doctor’s surgery not been informed of the correct results? At this point, I am going to go along with the first option as it would be the best one.

A busy day

On Monday 4th September I have both the Colposcopy clinic at 10:30 am at one local hospital and the Ultrasound at 6:30 pm at a different hospital near by. It is safe to say this is going to be completely exhausting it is a long time since I have had to go out twice in a day, however, at least we get all the bad stuff over in one horrible day instead of spoiling two. Let’s keep everything crossed that whatever is going on is simple to deal with and not something else to label me with.

What I have learnt

So, Fibro friends, I just wanted to remind you that although you live with a whole host of different symptoms you need to juggle on a daily basis please make sure you keep an eye out for something that could be different an remember to discuss it with your doctor. Not in a negative way but we are often left to manage our own condition simply because we understand it far better than anyone else. My Doctor seemed to really enjoy having something to do and being in safer ground dealing with something she knew about and fully understood how to test. Fingers crossed she has been over-careful, watch this space… If you have stumbled upon this article I can recommend these websites to find out a bit more about Fibromyalgia. Forr British Readers For American Readers For Australian Readers and of course to find out about living with Fibromyalgia look no further than the Fibro Bloggers Network I am proud to be a member of. No one should have to suffer in isolation.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

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Until next time,
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