Beginning my Creative Journey

Growing up with the Arts

My creative journey started early in my life. Therefore, I have always enjoyed the arts from a wide range of genres.  For example, from the age of seven I began to take dance classes, covering: ballet, modern and tap. Through the dance classes I could perform in Pantomimes and Dance Recitals. Moreover, the Pantomimes required me to sing and dance; the songs ranged from soft romantic ones to comedy numbers. However, I didn’t have the best voice, but I was always singing in a group so it was no problem.

The Teen Years

As I proceeded through my teenage years I continued to perform in the Pantomimes, gradually progressing from the “singing and dancing” chorus into character roles. From here I developed my love of acting and therefore also faced the fear of singing solos. It was concurring this fear that led me to asking to join the Church Choir. When I was younger, this was a boy only domain but by this time there were adult sopranos besides boy trebles. From here my love of singing grew. Ultimately, through the singing my creative journey led me to explore music further, and I also took Piano lessons for +/- two years.
An Image of me dressed as the nurse in Sleeping Beauty
An Image of me dressed as the Sea Witch in Panto

Creative Journey as an Adult

As an adult, I was lucky I, understood the importance of creativity. Therefore, I continued with my singing in the choir and performing with the stage group. Meanwhile, I had also progressed through the Brownies and Guides and was by this point a Brownie Leader. In amongst the other activities Brownies did crafts, so my creative journey continued and I learnt the basics of crafting to assist with this. Along the way I learnt: some basic sewing stitches, how to create pom-poms, how to make paper mache amongst other things.

What about Art?

Throughout these many years I had a complicated relationship with art. I loved art and therefore dabbed in it, but I had no confidence and a deep-seated  belief that I couldn’t draw. It blessed me to have an art teacher at school who was a gifted artist; Ultimately, I knew that I couldn’t see something and copy it. When I was going through teacher training the art tutor made it his mission to convince me; that there was no rule book to say what was art. No longer does a drawing need to look like a photograph to be acceptable. Finally, It was his influence that ultimately allowed my creative journey to continue into different genres.

Discovering Papercrafts

It was around about this time that I went into a craft shop (up to then it was wools, cottons and fabric) and I discovered a stand of papercrafting items, including for instance, rubber stamps. This was a major lightbulb moment for me, I could enjoy all the parts of art I loved without having to draw, after all. I bought some items, created my first greeting card and was hooked. Over the past twenty-five years my papercraft collection has grown and expanded to take over my room, like the most ferocious weed in a small garden plot.
My Creative journey led me to cardmaking here is one of my stamped cards
Along my Creative Journey my Cardmaking Improved and I discovered Hunkydory this is a card made with one of their collections

How Fibromyalgia Changed Things

When Fibromyalgia came along, it massively changed my creative journey. Regretfully,  In a fairly short amount of time I had to give up singing in the choir. This was something I did twice a day on Sundays and high days and holidays. Naturally, there were weekly rehearsals too. Ultimately, I don’t know which I miss more, singing or spending time with the choir, many of whom I consider family. Understandably, if I wasn’t able to attend choir, there was no way I could perform on stage.

My Creative Journey Post Fibro

Although I lost much of my creative outlet, thankfully the cardmaking remained. When possible I talk about how I have adapted my techniques to allow for the changes. I began this blog because of the Fibromyalgia and it allows me to express my creativity. For instance, I am gradually improving my photography skills and editing and regularly updating the appearance of the blog. It has been a great way to express my artistic flair. Recently I have also added in Adult Colouring, this helps improve my stamping and provides a mindful way of distracting me from some Fibro symptoms.

A Creativity Journey For Life

As you can see, my creative journey has run through my life, far beyond anything on the school curriculum. Although psychologists have proved the left brain/right brain theory a myth. Every time I took a test, I always came out slap in the middle. Perhaps that’s why I love this blog so much, I can express my creativity whilst learning the technical side of things. Myth or not, I think a creative journey improves every life, especially that of a spoonie.


Is creativity important to you?

Has it helped you to live with a chronic illness? If so, I could love to hear from you for instance, in the comments below. If you are a creative spoonie, we have so much in common so I would love it if you subscribed and joined me on my creative journey as a spoonie.
An image of me dressed in a stage costume and another of my colouring.

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