We did it; we moved house! At the time of writing we have been in the new house for just over a week. So today I thought I would share with you my experience. For anybody moving house is one of the most stressful life events. Then there is moving house as a spoonie…

Inexperienced house movers

I’ll be honest. We were woefully unprepared for the move. I put an awful lot of this down to the fact that we are new renters. (Well, I have moved with a limited amount of my possessions into student accommodation) Michael has rented before but it was over twenty years ago.

Is this really happening?

Because of our inexperience, we only packed a few categories in advance. We sorted the DVDs first then we packed most of the books. We then held off because we didn’t want to pack things we may need in case the move fell through. So we waited until we had it fully confirmed that the house would be ours.

The holiday that we booked!

Talk about bad timing, before we even knew we were moving house we booked to go on holiday from the 16th to 20th September. Then we collected the keys and move house on the 21st. This meant that we didn’t have many days between the rental being approved and going away. So we were very busy packing until the morning of the 16th. Although in some ways the holiday was bad timing, if you are moving house as a Spoonie I can recommend having a few days’ complete rest during the process.

The last 24 hours

On the Friday we needed to vacate our caravan by 10am. Given the amount we had left to do we got on the road at 8am. We were back in amongst the chaos by 10:30am and quickly got back to work packing things up. There was no way we had the time or space to consider cooking so I confess, we had a takeaway for lunch and dinner! That evening I went to bed knowing that it would be impossible to move everything the next day.

Keeping it in the family

Because of the expense of purchasing new furniture and a tumble drier, we kindly had the help of Michael’s brother-in-law to drive a van for us and his sister, one of his brothers and my brother helped with the backbreaking job of carrying boxes and furniture down the stairs. I in the meantime, once we had completed our key signing appointment, stayed in the new empty house waiting for Sky to come. It is a story for another time but they left us an Internet router thank goodness but were unable at that point to fix the Dish and install our TV. We have an impossible roof! So they put it on hold until 2nd October, ouch! I recorded an empty house tour for you while I was home alone.

The first week in the New House

The first week in the new house has completely flown by. I have been busy in small doses. I have assisted Michael building Ikea furniture and helped/observed my brother. On the Tuesday I had a flare-up and was completely sofa bound for the morning. It even hurt to lift my mobile, thank goodness for BBC I Player and Netflix. During the first whole Saturday I overdid it a bit unpacking some of my Office/Craftroom and again paid for it on Sunday.

Village Life

You may remember three weeks ago I wrote that village life beckons us. I in no way over estimated the benefits this change would make. I have been here just over a week and I have already met the lovely neighbours in the three houses around ours. Eaten out in a local Pub and cafe (within my walking distance) and been to Ikea twice. On top of this I have had a massive boost to my moral by the shower being far more accessible and the toilet in easy access. When you have Fibromyalgia not to mention IBS this means a lot.

My Tips for moving house as a Spoonie

  • Allow far more time to pack and unpack than you imagine
  • Do everything you can to stay relaxed and don’t stress
  • Get as much help as you can
  • If you have the budget, hire a company to move you
  • As soon as you consider moving start decluttering
  • Adjust your possessions to your space, if downsizing be ruthless!
  • Take time to appreciate your new neighbourhood, the boxes will wait

Are you a spoonie who has recently moved?

If you have recently moved house as a spoonie, I would love to hear about your experience. Maybe you have more top tips? If so, please add them to the comment below so together we can help others going through this experience.

Moving House as a Spoonie featuring an image of our front street and the pile of Ikea packaging waiting to be built.

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