Well, it’s Wednesday again or “Humpday” for my American friends which means it is time for Midweek Minimise. If you are new here this is an organisation and decluttering mission I have put myself on and I have brought you along with me for some accountability. it is not too late to catch up or even join in. Up to now, the focus has been the craft zone but I will be hitting all areas of the flat in the coming weeks. Here is what you have missed.
So on with today and this is a big one for me, putting my work out there. I have over the last few years sold some of my cards and even done a few commissions but never actively worked to do this. The result of which means that I have a massive haul of cards just sitting in a big box. You may have seen it in last weeks video (newbie YouTube eek). This is such a shame because they are not being appreciated and also frustration because space is so precious. So I have taken the big leap of setting up an online store to start selling them.

Self Confidence

I don’t know if any of you are crafters and you have this problem but I find it so hard to put a price on my work. When it comes to handcrafted greetings cards it is impossible to use the time and materials calculation because some of the best cards have taken hours and even at minimum wage level no one is going to pay that price. It is very difficult to use a “pay me what you think it is worth” method when selling online as you can face to face. I have been blown away by the money some people have given me – confidence again. So I have to set a price for such creations at just above my comfort level. Other cards that haven’t taken hours are priced on a size scale.
Etsy shop is live

Etsy is live

It seemed obvious to have a presence on Etsy after all it is the largest marketplace for creative products. That is a very massive plus. However, the negative is that  you can have a live listing for four months for a $0.20 charge, you need to pay this whether the item sells or not so the negative self-confidence is saying to me what if I list lots of cards and they don’t sell I will have a big bill and no profits 🙁

Long-Term Solution

I am also building a shop on this website, this means that there will be no listing fees and I am in control of everything. Other than the payments to Paypal etc… If you are a crafter just getting started selling your items I really recommend, if you have the technical skills, having a small Etsy shop with a link to your own site then you have the exposure of being on a large site but not the cost of listing lots of items in case they don’t sell. Just list the ones you have the most confidence in on Etsy and nothing out of season otherwise it may not sell at all in the four-month period.
Bare with me it will take me a while to get the stock onto the site. Also, it will take me a while to find postage solutions if you want to combine orders. I am very new to running an online shop. Many apologise to my overseas readers but to begin with I am only going to be selling in the UK whilst I get my head around the whole business. But if there is anything you spot that you would like let me know because we could organise this via Etsy or Ebay etc

Next week

Next week I think I will be moving out of the craft zone into other areas of the flat so it will give non-crafters a chance to join in the challenge and look at their living space as we continue to creep closer to Christmas.

Are you decluttering?

If you have been decluttering your craft space don’t forget to share your progress on the social media sites with #MidweekMinimise

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