Welcome to week seven of Midweek Minimise. I’ll be honest I have been pondering all week what to cover today. I am fairly confident I could find another ten (minimum) of every topic already covered, but if I’m honest would this move me drastically closer to the organised beautiful craft space I desire. No! So I am going to get a bit drastic today and let you see my Hidden Corner! If you are new here you can catch up with the previous weeks below.

It’s Time to Embarrass Myself

So I have shown you some of my craft space which is fairly organised but I think it is only fair to put myself out there and show you it all. To do this I have made a big decision and I have decided to record it for you. Before watching this I beg you to bear in mind that I am keeping it real and showing you things just as they are with the basic equipment I had at hand. I really planned on progressing to YouTube as well as the blog but the inner perfectionist wanted to wait until everything looked perfect and until I had invested in some great recording equipment and learned all I could about editing. But let’s be honest I have Fibro and what I am able to fit into a day is limited. On top of this, I have had to give up my day job because of my unreliable health so my finances are unreliable too. So I have just done it. Warts and all and I beg you to be kind. Hopefully, by the next recording, I do I will be able to get rid of the hiss in the background – I have warned you!

The results

As you may have seen in that corner there was a Spellbinder Grand Calibur (on the floor: oops: ), I am no longer able to use this because of the crank handle as I have previously explained, I need to get on and sell that. There is a Crafter’s Companion Guillotine and a Woodware Paper Trimmer, both are fine but I don’t use them anymore so I can sell them too. There are folders bought to put some of my kits into and they are still on the floor, I need to use them. There is a carrier bag of things from my old desk drawer when I replaced the “office style desk” with the Craft Desk (from Ikea of course :-)) that was done two years ago, do I need anything in that bag, I doubt it. There is the carry case I received with my Spectrum Noir Illustration Pens, I don’t travel and I keep my pens in the trays so I need to repurpose the bag or sell it. That is just what is on the floor before I get to the draws  😳 so this for this week’s Midweek Minimise I promise to sort all these things out and clear this corner. When it’s done I’ll show you a photo to prove it. Do you need some motivation to declutter or tidy up? Christmas is just around the corner, I’m just saying… Why not join in on one of my Social Media channels, don’t forget to use #MidweekMinimise
Next week I’ll progress into the drawers and see what I can minimise from there. Good luck if you are joining in too. If you are virtuous and have a tidy craft room enjoy your crafting. I’ll be back on Sunday at 6 pm with the Hunkydory Baubles from Simply Cards and Papercrafts. If you are a Fibro Warrior don’t forget to check out my Fibro post.
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