Hello everyone and welcome back to Midweek Minimise. Today I am moving away from craft products for a while. The things I am going to be covering over the next few weeks are the products of ambition starting with Hair Styling.  I have to say I received inspiration for this from Rachel, otherwise known as the Messy Minimalist on YouTube. If you are not familiar with her channel I really recommend you check it out. The particular post in question is Decluttering My Fantasy Self. Rachel really goes into some of the psychology behind why we hoard things the best version of ourselves would need or want. Examples she gives include keeping the power suit that career Rachel would have worn and hanging onto serving dishes for the Rachel who gives large-scale dinner parties. You get the idea. I am sure I have stuff I have accumulated for my fantasy self, but now there is a new consideration, not just my fantasy self but  Susan who doesn’t have Fibromyalgia. Twice the impact. So throughout this mini-series, I am going to share with you both products I am letting go of because I have Fibro I will no longer be needing or use and things that have only ever been used by the dream versions of myself. If you are new to the Midweek Minimise I have begun by going through some of my crafting stock, you can catch up here:

Elaborate Hairstyles

The dream

The first area I am having a good purge of is my hair accessories. Years ago at the very beginning of my working life, I was actually a junior in a hair salon. I guess when you have creative blood in you, you get drawn to create jobs. The hair salon came about after deciding I didn’t want to pursue a career in acting. I progressed as far as blowdrying bobs and assisting with cap highlights. It just wasn’t the right role for me. However, having worked in a salon briefly, I have spent time pouring over Pinterest updo’s and being inspired by all sorts of creations.

 The Reality

Post Fibro hair consists of brushing it and putting it in a ponytail, on a good day done by me and on a bad day done by Michael. He can just about cope with a ponytail so I think we both know he is never going to master a modern style beehive and I simply would not ask that of him. On top of which I can’t cope with the sensation of my hair being pulled anymore so even my ponytails are loose. I’m planning on having my hair cut soon, the remit is easy to manage and less heavy!  So goodbye all of these:
Elaborate Hairstyles
The loss of that amethyst hair bobble is particularly sad but it is too heavy to wear anymore. In all fairness, I think it was too heavy even when I tried wearing it before I had Fibro.

Hair Styling Products

For anyone that has been with me for a while, I don’t think you will be surprised to know that when I am at the hair salon I am a succour for falling for the sales pitch. I seem to have draws full of products I bought when I had a new hairstyle and used for maybe three or four weeks until the style started growing out and then stopped using. The next time I had a haircut a different product was recommended. I am supposed to be a fairly intelligent person so please tell me why instead of thinking to myself I already have a product that can do something like this I rushed right in and bought the premium-priced products.

The Dream

I’m sure if I use the product the stylist recommends I will be able to create this exact look again when I next wash my hair.

The Reality

I shampoo and condition my hair, then sit with a towel wrapped around it. Then one of three things happen. If I am going to bed my hair is de-tangled then I sleep with my hair on a towel.  If I need to get it dry Michael and I between us use the hairdryer and vented hairbrush and dry it. By which time using the hairdryer has set off my hyperhidrosis. Alternatively, I keep a towel around my shoulders until it is dry and then comb it through and job done. At some point within the next 30 minutes, it becomes too heavy and hot on my back and I stick it in a ponytail. Even if I am able to style it after the haircut the majority of this is all well out of date so be gone:
Hair Products
That box was crammed full of all sorts of sample products from style and beauty magazines that I saved to try when my on the go product ran out. Of course, when the products ran out I bought new ones and never did think to look in the box. Come to think of it I don’t think I have bought that type of magazine for over fifteen years  – yuk! The only physical magazines I buy these days are craft ones so I can enjoy the free gifts I create cards with. I do browse through all sorts of other genre’s on Readly though, well I do have digital versions of pretty much every magazine in the newsagents on my tablet waiting to be flicked through…
Have I inspired you to consider having a clear out of items you are hanging onto that you really don’t need to? Then why not join me on social media and share your progress? Just use #MidweekMinimise
There is a very good chance that next week we’ll be moving to the bookcase… Until then good luck with your decluttering and minimising,

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