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When you live with a chronic illness every day life tells a story.

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Things are Looking Bare

ByBySusan Pearson7 Jan 2022
Things are Looking Bare

So we took our decorations down yesterday. I have noticed when watching American Vlogs that they often take them down the day after Christmas (Boxing Day here in the UK) and if not then certainly…

A New Year Same Old Fibromyalgia

ByBySusan Pearson6 Jan 2022
A decorative image with the title New Year Same Old Fibro

So, somehow we have flipped the page and landed in 2022. I don’t know about you but I am totally ready for it, at least a part of me is. The problem I have is…

A week of Pfizer

ByBySusan Pearson5 Dec 2021
An image of a vaccine phial.

So, last Sunday I had my CoVid booster jab, this is a good thing, I have seen up close what CoVid can do to somebody. But I am also aware that when it comes to…

CoVid Vaccine Astounding spoonie experience

ByBySusan Pearson1 Apr 2021
CoVid Vaccine Astounding spoonie experience

On the 15th of March, I had my first CoVid vaccine and I have to say that I couldn’t have predicted the experience. I went in there with the expectation this would be similar to…

Here come the side effects

ByBySusan Pearson17 Mar 2021
A woman collapsed on her laptop

I’m sorry I didn’t have an update for you yesterday. I basically came through to my desk and started looking through my emails, then less than 30 minutes in had to give up and go…

First Covid19 Jab done

ByBySusan Pearson15 Mar 2021
A nurse with a syringe

On a conscious level, I was not worried about today at all, not from the perspective of actually getting the vaccination. As always I had a slight apprehension about going somewhere new and hoping my…